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The Importance of Using an Identity Check Before Hiring a New Employee

Considering using an identity check for the first time? You might be weighing the pros and cons (including the cost of running pre-employment screenings), or overwhelmed with how to start implementing this process, but in most cases, it’s well worth the investment. It’s understandable that as a female business owner, you already have a lot of challenges to overcome and plenty of work on your plate. However, we still think it’s a worthwhile consideration.

Wondering why you should move forward with performing identity checks before hiring new employees? Check out our reasons below:

Reason #1: It can help protect your business.
First and foremost, an identity check is an easy way to protect your business from a whole slew of issues that might arise from hiring a less-than-ideal employee. But how? Running a background check on anyone you plan to hire can:

Ensure that you have done your due diligence (you can be held liable otherwise)
Verify that they are who they say they are
Alert you to concerning criminal history
Help you maintain a safe work environment
Ensure that employees are eligible to work in the U.S.
Confirm previous experience matches their application

Expanding your team is always a risk, but a background check can help ease your mind and protect your business from fraud, theft, and violence in the workplace.

Reason #2: It can help weed out high-risk hires.
What is a high-risk employee? A high-risk employee might be someone who is likely to stir up trouble with their coworkers, might be more likely to attempt or fraud, or may simply be more likely to leave the company sooner rather than later. You don’t want to bring someone on your team who is probably going to end up disrupting the balance of the workplace.

Not only can high-risk individuals impact your company’s overall well-being, but they can also present an unnecessary negative expense. And, when it comes to your bottom line, hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake.

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Reason #3: It will help you attract top talent.
Finally, businesses that perform background checks make it clear that they’re not messing around when it comes to hiring. In fact, letting potential candidates know at the very beginning of the process that they will be screened can help ensure that anyone moving forward is serious about the opportunity. And, that they’re going to be truthful about the information they provide during the interview process.

If applicants understand that you are serious about finding the most qualified candidate for the position, those who don’t fit the mold are less likely to even spend their time applying. By only meeting with top talent that’s well-suited for the job, you can save time and money.

What are the risks of forgoing background checks on new employees?
At the end of the day, how you choose to run your company is your business, but you should be aware of the high stakes you’re operating under if you decide to forgo pre-employment screening. There are several major downfalls to not running identity checks before hiring new employees, including:

Higher risk of employee theft and fraud
Greater potential for workplace violence or altercations
Hiring someone who is not a good match for the job
Penalties or criminal prosecution for hiring undocumented workers
Being held liable for injuries caused by the unverified employee

The point is, not running background checks is putting your business on the line. And as a woman, it’s important to note that you might be putting your personal safety at a higher risk. It’s an unfortunate reality that you should seriously think about, especially if you have a lot of other females on your staff.

At the end of the day a thorough interview process and DIY investigation on social media is not enough. Whether you’re hiring remote employees or full-time employees, you want to make sure you’re as selective as possible when adding people to your team. After all, they have an influence on the future of your business.

Why take an unnecessary risk when such an easy and affordable solution is available. Make finding the right fit for your company culture, values, and well-being easier with identity checks.

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