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Improving Our Daily Activities For A Better Health!

In today’s SEDENTARY world, we are highly dependent on the technologies around us. Result, we are comparatively very less active than our ancestors and highly prone to a series of health problems. In our hectic and busy schedule, we hardly get any time to indulge in some kind of physical activities or any sorts of regular sports regimes. Inactivity has eventually increased the risk to various health disorders, some minor, some fatal. Presence of some kind of movement in our lives is a must! By being active, you NOT only decrease the risk to various health issues, but also, improve your longevity. Apart from this, there are other benefits like improved metabolism, rejuvenation, fat burn, improved sleep, etc.


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So, let’s look at a few simple ways of bringing in some kind of movement in our daily schedule:

  1. Elevators should be used in the time of emergency. Make a habit of taking the stairs daily.
  2. For smaller distances, go ahead and walk it up instead of taking a vehicle.
  3. Visit the market and buy fresh vegetables daily instead of ordering over the phone and bulking it up for the week.
  4. Stop ordering small things to the housemaid. Get up and do it yourself!
  5. Stroll while talking on the phone and stop attending calls on your office desk.
  6. Want to meet your best friend? Gear up your walking shoes and take your friend for a stroll in the nearby garden, instead of heading towards the coffee shop.
  7.  Don’t stick to your seat in the office. Take a break from your work hours and stroll in the office corridors or your building compound. Go out for a short stroll during your lunch break.
  8. Avoid staying glued to the television with your kids. Instead, indulge in playing an active game with them.
  9. Park your vehicle a distance away from the destination and walk upto it.
  10. Pace around your house for 15-20mins after dinner to ensure some kind of movement before sleep.
  11.  Indulge yourself in household chores regularly. Clean your house every 3-4 days, to keep you physically active and geared up!
  12. Use a pedometer to maintain the count of steps on a daily basis. For weight loss, maintain count of minimum 10000-12000 steps daily!

Unless we consciously decide to become more mobile in our everyday lives,  we are more likely to suffer from various unavoidable health issues like obesity, increased stress, etc. So, get up and put on your walking shoes and enjoy an Active and Healthy Life!

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