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Indian Beliefs – Should You Be Proud or Ashamed?

It’s almost 68 years of Indian Independence and we are still in the developing mode. Ever wondered why despite of having such a huge population, good opportunities, young population we lag behind? I have given a thought to this a multiple times. Immense progress and development of some successful countries are just not the upshot of Agriculture, Cinema, Industries but it is also the way you treat your women, your daughter, sister, mother, wife and a strange woman.

Not surprised with the fact that India keeps people mesmerizing with its unbelievable facts and stories but hold on, let me also make you aware that if, I said ‘IF’ India overcomes certain beliefs transferred from one generation to the other. India would lead in major segments.

It’s High Time Indians need to come out of the cocoon of struggles that comes with their thoughts and fly like a butterfly provided we discontinue these beliefs:

girl child

Preferred Baby Boy

This is the main reason why government has to initiate schemes like Beti Bachao, why aren’t they talking about Beta Bachao? It’s a very critical condition, when in two decades around 2.5 lakh girls were killed in India each year because they are born Girls! To escape their act, most people give the lame excuse of financial problems that may arise due to the baby girl. In that case, let me remind them of Kiran Bedi, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Indira Nooyi, Sushma Swaraj and thousands across the nation, who are no less than the definition of Son that Indians have defined.

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Biased Food and Education

The extent to which Indian parents prefer boys over girls is seen in the quality and level of education and quality and quantity of food given to them. Moreover, the proportion of boys who are fully immunized is 4% higher than the girls. The treatment of little girls with less food and lower education will fetch good food and higher education of their brothers. Again comes the selfish thought of parents : Girls are anyway going to settle with husband and Boys are the one’s who would feed them and lend them Money! Trust me, I have majorly seen these boys grow up and throw parents out and the daughter comes for rescue.

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It’s a Baby Girl, Blame The Mother

Little did the majority of Indians know that it’s the men responsible for the sex of the child and NOT THE WOMEN. Had they known it, there would be a drastic slowdown in the rates of domestic violence and torture. Yes, there are cases where women are even beaten up or divorced for not giving the male child. The only solution for this problem is Education and little common sense!

isolated for menstruation

Menstruation is Impure

Do not touch the pickle, do not touch anyone for 3 days, you should not enter the temple when you bleed. I wonder they are unaware of the fact that, it is the same blood from which they are grown and born. How can it be impure? Why shouldn’t one talk about the natural gift given to a woman? Well, I say you should. Proudly say, that my period is the reason the world would not cease its existence.

In this picture, the girl is offered her food, away from the family, behind a toilet… Just Because she is MENSTRUATING!!

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Widows – They Could Compromise

Why I always wonder, a widow has to cease their very existence in the world they live in? Don’t they have the every right to accept the happiness after the sad death of her husband? There are thousands of cases in Modern India, where Widows are even restricted to certain festivals. Vrindavan and Radha Kund are home to around 15,000 widows, most of whom were driven from their homes by family members. Imagine these are just two places! It’s just so simple, how can one’s death cease the living of another who is still alive?


Infertile Women? She is Cursed!

Ask a woman who is unable to produce an offspring, I bet it would be the most painful truth for her. At the time of emotional breakdown and pain, when the husband and family members should support her, they take immense pride in cursing her. Call her cursed, unlucky, divorce her or get another woman just to get a heir. Infertility has cure, men can also be infertile but they would not go for check-ups or cure as it would hurt their honor, consciously aware of the fact that disrespecting the wife is far more morally down.

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Try respecting women and overcoming these filthy beliefs which stand no truth, neither religiously nor scientifically. Take a stand today and you will see people following you, supporting you. Love and Respect can do wonders. And the result will be a Free India and a Happier India!

All we need to understand is that “Women are precious, they are as equal as the men. They do not wish Priority or Superiority just Equality!”

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