Indian Couples Choosing Nude Wedding Photo shoots: A Bold Choice?

Gone are the days when couples posed for the camera with all their boldness wrapped in; back in those days, even in the decade of a millennium year, couples in their wedding just stood with a requested smile on their faces and hangs hung down! But the same is not now! Pre-wedding shoots are a craze now in India, Post-wedding shoots is being considered widely by the couples who wants to capture those moments forever; however, what leaves some of the photographers astonished is the request to ‘Nude/semi nude photo shoots on the wedding Night.”

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In a society like India, where people finds it horribly wrong to hug and kiss in the public is now going to the trend which is uncomfortable for professionals. Gurgaon based Priyanka Sachar, a couple photo shoot professional received a request from a Groom-to-be in Lucknow, reported by Times of India. Priyanka says, “He wanted an intimate photo shoot – a couple shoot – with nude poses on his wedding night. I had to turn down the request, because I was not comfortable doing something like that,” adding more to this, the lady photographer said “It’s not as though nude photography does not happen. In fact, boudoir photography is fairly common, where a woman may want to capture the best of herself. And it is done very tastefully. But clicking a couple on their wedding night – I’m not sure if the couple is actually being kinky or just wants pictures for themselves?”

Faizan Patel, a photographer from Delhi also recalls a call for a nude photo shoot, which was supposed to be a pre wedding shoot. “Since the request was coming from the guy, I asked him to first check with the girl if she would be okay with something like this. I, for one, was not comfortable with the idea,” Faizan, who rejected the request also says that “Also, if I cannot share my work with others, or online, it does not add to my profile. So it did not make sense for me to do a shoot like that.”

Though couples hugging and kissing is now a common trend in India, going nude for the shoots is something that is not so in thing. Some of the photographers in Delhi and Chandigarh says that farthest they have gone is the bedrooms of the hotel where they have shot poses like sitting on the sofa or with the pillow. But Nude Photo shoots is a big No no. One of the Mumbai based photographer, Yashwant Dhwaj Shah explains how the modern couple are ready to go at any extent in order to pleasure themselves.“A couple wanted me to shoot some special moments of their wedding night, which was at a beach resort near Mumbai. Just to refuse them politely, I quoted a very high amount as my fees, but they agreed even to that! Finally, I turned down the offer saying I wasn’t comfortable accompanying a newly married couple on their wedding night and shooting their private moments. The thought itself was quite weird.”

Though this trend is not much prevalent in the Higher, lower middle class families, it is now becoming a standard of being bold and modern for many couples in elite class. Not all photographers refuse the request, one such is Amit Mahendru, who shot a semi-nude photo shoot for the NRI couple.“To say that I was comfortable doing it would be far from the truth, in fact there were many embarrassing moments between the shots, where the couple were more forthcoming than I was actually prepared for,” The photographer also said that he added a huge amount of moolahs for the shoot to which the couple agreed happily.

Will this new trend of facing the camera (Oh of course the cameraman) in nude-semi nude actions sustain in Indian society?

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