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Indian TV Serials Or American Series – What’s Your Pick?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya or Game Of Thrones? Difficult choice isn’t it? Though more than half of the ample time is being consumed by smart technology these days, youngsters, I should say people following into the age group of 15-30 are more inclined towards watching English TV Series. However, the percentage of people watching English series is comparatively less than the Hindi serial followers. Is it because it’s only Upper middle class or elite people who can relate to those series much? Or Is it English speaking percentage? We may call it a beginning of a revolution, when there would be a time Indian mass would watch the American and British Series dubbed in Hindi.

There are plenty of reasons for why people are more interested rather desperate to download their next season of Game of Thrones or just keep on watching The Vampire Diaries and roll on floor laughing out louder while watching How I Met Your Mother. Be it thrill, intrigue, suspense, horror but not really horrific, mystery, twists, romance, convincing genuinity, name it and you will find it in foreign TV series. While Indian TV serials lack logic to the life.

What makes Indian TV serials less fun, which is dooming its very popularity day by day?

BigBoss originated from Big Brother

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  1. Smart Copy Cats We Are: Very poor fiction script but smart concept copying skills – Our favourite reality show Bigg Boss is copied from Dutch reality show Big Brother. Likewise, Jhalak Dikhlaja taken from Dance With The Stars

 Saas Bahu Saga

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  1. Historic Saas-Bahu Drama: Pick any new serial that has began with extra-ordinary plot has one single turning point – Saas-Bahu Saga.

 No Logic

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3.Logic – No Logic – Chalta Hai Types: Lack of logic, actually not lack but devoid of logic makes it lame

 Retrograde Amnesia

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  1. Viral Brain Drain: Every serial has one or two people suffering from Retrograde Amnesia

 Overly Bedecked Makeup

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  1. Makeup Ready: Women overly bedecked with Make-up and Jewellery

 1000 Episodes

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  1. Grand 1000 Episodes: Indian Serials – 1 Season with 1000 episodes. English Series 1 Season with Maximum 23 Seasons – Interests held for the next season

 Monotonous Stories

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  1. Bicycle Of Indian Serials: The concepts are monotonous – Billionaire businessman, Love, Marriage, fraud, bankrupt, miscarriage, family traps, accidental deaths, time lapse and boom alive!

 Only Ladies

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  1. Women Please!: Indian Serials are made for Housewives and dramatic girls while English ones are for mature people irrespective of their sex

The English content is far more challengeable. They come up with fictions flourishing from Vampires to original high-breed of Wolverines, from aliens to ancient throne thirsty tribes so genuinely in-genuine but attention worthy, that at times we wish to live a life like theirs and often questioning the existence of the fictitious characters portrayed.

Though I am not the sheer English content follower, I do watch some of the best one’s not ignoring the ace that Indian TV had given us: Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai and current Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. By the way, what’s your interest? Is English content to be aired on Indian channels so that people do not save the pirated versions in their laptops? or Indians still will glued to the old Saas-Bahu plots?

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