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Do You Feel That India’s Healthcare System Has Let You Down in the Coronavirus Crisis?

With the virus in motion, the healthcare system has been getting a workout. Individuals and families have leaned heavily on their insurance providers. For Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plan holders, the attention to detail has been swift and thorough. If you’re unsatisfied with your current provider, here are some things to consider.  

Timing is Everything

If you require testing for COVID-19 symptoms, there are some situations where it will take up to a month. Until your appointment, you’re required to self-quarantine and stay away from others. For a lot of people, this is not an option. Between work, family and general mental health, stress builds up while you’re waiting for a test.

A combination of supply shortages and patient demand has left hospitals in a vulnerable position. The long wait times are an inevitability, even if you have great insurance. But there is a major difference between waiting one month and waiting one week. Great health insurance gives you options and opens the doors to more hospitals. Having the option to go outside of your normal network for care is important, and something that only great insurance does well.

Some Things Are Not Covered

There are a lot of health conditions that share the same symptoms as COVID-19. Beyond getting tested for the virus, there are no guarantees on the type of treatment provided. This includes beds for hospital stays, and specific medicines. This is a worldwide problem, and not an insurance problem. Medical devices that provide oxygen are restricted to patients that need it the most. And a medicine that may help your symptoms may not be covered.

Some consumers have made the mistake of switching insurance providers over a single rejection. This method of ‘rolling the dice’ to get better treatment is dangerous and leaves a lot of holes in your coverage. There is a lot of anger directed at restrictions in place, but these are the same restrictions that keep the healthcare industry from collapsing. If your health insurance blocks certain things but offers alternatives, then the system is working. If they restrict you and offer nothing, then anger is understandable.

Inconsistent Information

This by far has led to the biggest disconnect between patients, insurance and the healthcare industry. Insurance providers have updated their websites to reflect big changes in how COVID-19 is handled. Contracts have been updated, with amendments provided digitally and in writing. These sweeping changes also applies to hospitals, and whatever local regulations are in place. Because of these variables, everyone will have a different experience when dealing with COVID. Everyone is on the same page about beating the virus, but treatment will be a unique experience per individual.

Wrap Up

Consumers should always question an insurance company’s ability to provide service. Before signing on the dotted line, get assurances that both sides can meet expectations. With the dangers of COVID-19, mistakes need to be kept to a minimum.

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