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Innovative Ideas to Liven up your Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Wedding anniversaries are something that should be celebrated every year. If you think about it a lot of people get married, but how many people stay married for 10 years, 25 years or even 50 years. An anniversary marks the journey you have traveled together as a couple and deserves its own celebration. In this article we discuss creative ideas for your wedding anniversary celebrations. Whether you are planning a party for yourself or hosting a wedding anniversary party for your parents or in-laws these ideas will help you create a unique atmosphere for the party.

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Tips to Celebrate a 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

The traditional metal associated with a ten year wedding anniversary is tin. It symbolizes flexibility and adaptability in your relationship. You can use tin or aluminum in a number of different ways to spruce up the decor at your anniversary party. You can use brushed or hammered aluminum in picture frames, plate charges or flower vases.

These can be combined very effectively with daffodils which are the 10-year anniversary flower, to make gorgeous yellow and white arrangements. There are a number of special quotes on marriage and couples that can also be used to great effect. Hang up a cute or funny quote and it will be a great conversation starter for your guests. It will also lend a fun vibe to the event.

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How to Make your 25-Year Wedding Anniversary Special?

After 25 years of marriage your love should sparkle like silver! Yes, Silver is the traditional metal associated with 25th Anniversaries. At your anniversary party you can use a number of decorative items that accentuates the silver.  The decor at the party can be used very effectively to that end. Some items that will look absolutely beautiful at your party are silver table decorations, silver lighting fixtures and even silver cushions. You can also use pictures of the couple and display them in silver frames. The flower associated with 25th wedding anniversaries is the lovely iris and you can also use bouquets of these flowers to great effect.

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Go for Gold for Your 50-Year Wedding Anniversary

For your 50th wedding anniversary you should be a king and queen for your special evening. The traditional theme for the 50th wedding anniversary is gold and it can be celebrated throughout the decor for this special occasion in a number of different ways.  You can choose gold as a theme for the decor of the party. Golden balloons could be used with great effect and even small golden lights can be used.

Violets are the traditional 50th wedding anniversary flower; their deep purple color will make the golden highlights of the party decor pop even more. End the evening on a spectacular note with special gifts for your party guests. Don’t forget to wrap these in golden wrapping paper!


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