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Interior Ideas – Give Your Home A Quirky & Kitschy Look!

Enough of de-cluttered white spaces and sprawling rooms with nothing but some little décor pieces! Does that speak about you or your personality? Are you neat and minimalistic and an old soul? Just because glossy magazines show those gorgeous homes does not mean you have to replicate them. If you are vibrant, colorful, messy and disorganized, let it show; let your living space speak about you!

Your home is your art canvas and a perfect outlet for your artistic sensibilities. Go drab to fab by creating your own look with bold colors, elaborate artifacts and intricate motifs which add charm to the space. Let your walls and artifacts have a story behind them. May it be a childhood SUPW art or a clay modelling class reminder, spruce it up and flaunt the artist in you!

We believe that a “serious punch of eccentricity and quirkiness” is a must for every space. Bright walls and neon motifs do not create a cacophony of colors but complement each other to create a perfect sense of balance. Unusual decorative lamps and colorful cushions spell amazing creativity and lend a personal touch to the room. Your room should bear testimony to an organized mess; realize that there is beauty in disharmony too!

Here we give you some ideas how you can create a quirky and kitschy look!

  • Self-painted pails hanging on the walls – Yes, you can paint pails and hang them! Very kitsch!
  • Travel souvenirs in all imaginable shapes and sizes – Flaunt your global footprints.
  • Pop-colored bed sheets and Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn throwbacks – Go pop!
  • Quotes on walls or/and a wall full of framed memories – because they need to be cherished.
  • Old mango crates painted as bookshelves and old repainted kettles – Cheap yet kitschy.
  • Kitchen Kitsch – Quoted shot glasses, old Bollywood coasters, mismatched dining chairs, plate walls, fridge magnets, crooked ladles and a variety of amazing mugs.
  • Get wired – While people try and hide the bunch of wires and the coating, you can color them and accentuate the look and make it industrial and rustic chic style.
  • Vintage is the style – Different clocks can decorate a wall or a quirky clock can be kept as a center-piece. If you are a vintage person, old typewriters, gramophones, old telephones etc. can be hand-painted and kept as mantelpieces.
  • Dramatic – Every colored frame on an ash-grey background to quirky lamps – add character and drama.
  • Accessorizing – Vintage signage with typographic accessories and vertical wall gardens – Bring alive the mundane.
  • Closets can have kitschy creatives on it; your shoe rack can be dainty old cake tins piled on one another; plants can have animal shaped planters and your mirrors can have graffiti on the borders.

Make your living space an extension of your personality. And this isn’t too hard when you have options like Happily Unmarried, Quirko, Chumbak, Tappu Ki Dukaan, Quirkbox, Engrave and many other online stores offering infinite variety on quirky and kitschy stuff!

Your home is a reflection of who you are; so make the most of it!

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