open letter

You introduce us to light from darkness

Dear Teacher,

Today, when I stand in front of the mirror I wonder how I grew so big and mature. The time passed, and I did not realise when and how. All credit goes to you teacher. When I look into your eyes, I find my reflection there. You molded me, shaped me the way I am today. Thank you for being there.

We spend 10,000 hours of our life at school guided by 30 different teachers. Every person has reminiscences from school, and high school days and almost everyone has a story to tell of a teacher who has touched his or her life. As a Japanese proverb rightly points out, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

You put your life in inspiring and imparting knowledge to your students. You are the pathfinder of the road we ride on destined to success.

The only thing which I wish you to do always is- listen to your students, challenge them! The more you challenge them, the more ways they will find to solve a problem and win it. Encourage them to stand up for their values. I am sure you will be flabbergasted with the result you will get after putting in so much effort. This is a promise from your hopeful student. :-)

For a nation, this is a simple truth that there is a need of investment in strategy that recognises the value of your contribution that encourages you to built the next generation’s personality as well as their future. Looking at the teachers increasing attrition rates and knowing that you are the builders of our bright future, losing one good teacher is like losing too many.

Your students are the pillars of the country. It is your responsibility to make them as strong and steady as possible.

Your inspiring effects and efforts lead a school to become an innovation centre. You must continue and expand the opportunities you create for your students. This in a way will help you to foster a school culture and encourage collaboration with your colleagues. You will feel empowered!

I am grateful to the incredible work you do for nation’s future. On this Teacher’s Day, I thank you for the infinite hours, your sweat and tears as well as your commitment towards us. You have also inspired our next generation of teachers.


Your enlightened student

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