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Is Deepika Padukone’s Latest “My Choice” Video too Offensive?

Today, I was just going through my Facebook timeline and I found a series of posts from various News/Media brands which were criticizing the latest Vogue video of Deepika Padukone that campaigns about “My Choice” related to Women Empowerment.

The funny thing that I found among these posts was that all of them pointed mainly two things from the whole 2 and half minutes video. The first thing that was objected was the choice of “Sex Outside Marriage” and the second thing was “She Pulling Off her Bra Strap.”

That’s cool as that’s how our mind functions nowadays. I went through the comments on these posts and found men and also a few women criticizing Deepika for the bold statements she made in the video. They were also some who were relating the video with her recent controversy with TOI and justified the act of TOI as “My Choice”.

I was almost shocked with the comments from these people who in order to prove Deepika wrong were justifying TOI’s act and claiming that Deepika who was laughing while being roasted by AIB should have let go TOI for the photo controversy.

I would want to tell all those people that TOI clicked the photo without her consent while AIB roast was organized with the permission from every audience including Deepika present at the event. So, whether I want my photo be clicked or not is of course my choice and to be cursed or joked by my friends is my choice again. Just because she is a celeb, nobody gets the right to criticize her for her personal affairs.

Now coming onto the video I couldn’t find anything offensive in it. The truth is that many aren’t getting the clear message depicted by the video and instead are focusing on words such as “Sex Outside Marriage” and “Bra Strap”. What about the brighter side of this video? What about Women Empowerment? What about those 99 beautiful and professionally successful women who were a part of this 2 and half minute powerful video? For once keep aside your pessimistic mind and think as a woman, a woman of today!

Watch the video once again and this time, make sure to see Deepika Padukone and other women in the video as someone who represents Indian Woman. The Video is not regarding SEX or Bra… IT is about Advocating the Women’s Right to Make their Choices, just as men.

In short, whatever a woman does or wishes to do must be her choice…

  • Whether she wants to wear a saree or a bikini, it must be her choice
  • Whether she wants to be a size 0 or size 15, it must be her choice
  • Whether she wants to marry or not to marry, it must be her choice
  • Whether she wants to have sex before marriage, outside marriage or not have sex at all, it must be her choice
  • Whether to love temporarily or lust forever, it must be her choice
  • Whether to love a man or a woman or both, it must be her choice

Nowhere in the video, had she ever justified Sex Outside of a Marriage to be a rightful act. The whole video was about understanding the fact that women are not privileges of the society who are burdened with the duty to preserve the culture and respect of the family but they too have their own choices whatever they want, whenever they want.

Try watching it again and try if you could see this message behind the words, “Sex Outside Marriage” and “Bra Strap”.

Image Courtesy: Vogue India

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