rape a joke

Is Rape a Joke in India?

A girl is supposed to be ‘soft spoken’ and ‘blushing’ all the time! The irony is; this is what a mother teaches her daughter. She would talk openly in front of her mom but not to her father? I hope I don’t need to give any further justifications. Patriarchy at its peak!

Now, talking about the men, the ‘ideal’ ones (few of them, not all) idolize girls themselves. They look out and go for a virgin better-half but have themselves played out a lot of times. Housewives working 24*7 is not considered as ‘work’ but, the one working for seven hours a day is termed as ‘hectic work’. Hypocrisy at its peak!

A girl wearing jeans to college is beaten up, but the item girls being known for their sexy figure all the times are appreciated. Objectification at its peak!

Check out how this girl attempts to convince us as to why rape is a joke in India.

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