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Is The Lesbian Ad Really Changing The Standard Indian Mindset?

Homosexuality has always been a very serious topic in our Country. Considered illegal by the laws of the Indian Government, there are however people who want to accept this new culture and tell everyone else that its Ok to be Gay or Lesbian.

But the topic in question here is the new ad by the fashion brand ANOUK which calls its latest ad as the first Indian Lesbian advertisement. The online campaign ad has already gained more than 27 lac views and is still viral across the web. But, is it really the first ad?? OR is it just a Smart-Ass promotional trick?

Fact1: No its not the First Ad. The first controversial Lesbian advertisement was made by Fastrack way back in 2013.

Fact 2: According to the records, it is a form of digital advertising or you may say, ads made only for the web. An effective TV commercial should be ideally between 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Where as this advertisement is a massive 3 mins and 22 seconds in length. So, yes, it is an Ad but only for the web.

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However, the overall concept of the ad is really worth an applause. There is absolutely no doubt that the concept was niche and the plot was very well done. This advertisement, sorry short film was just too sweet & the best part was, it was certainly not stereotype. Coming to the point , these days even the market has become open towards taking up the issues of homosexuals as a positive trend when it comes to advertising their product.


But, along with the advertising companies, is the nation or its youth accepting the new culture of homosexuals? Here is what people have to say about it from the different parts of the country.

Adhiraj Shah, Investis, Research Analyst, 25 yrs, Vadodara, says – “Love has no bounds since love is a connection of two souls irrespective of gender, cast and color; so this will i think promote the brand and its product and also a thought over our culture.

Foram Aslot, Fashion Designer, 27 yrs, Vadoara, says – “I loved the concept and specially the sentence “I am sure about us” so much positive. But the only confusion is even if everyone accepts them with all their hearts and all, but how those girls will be having babies and take their family ahead is the only concern .

Sonia Dhanwaney, Content Manager, 22 yrs, Chennai, says – “Its a very decently constructed and natural advertisement. Doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable. I respect the opinion and I feel it’s not over hyped. And its a really good effort for acceptance to be gained by the people of the country.

Vidya Desai, RJ, 27 yrs, Surat, SaysThe Lesbian Ad is sweet and not feminist at all. It shows the pure bonding between the same gender. For this is first of it’s kind of an Ad, not many have met lesbian couples in person, so it might give a bold visual but the tag ‘Be Bold’ is not justified in other aspects of the story. To be bold, both the girls should be bold and not just one who leads the relationship. Be it, the short hair girl trying hard to be liked by her partner’s mother by wearing Orange or she got an haircut because her partner asked her to. ‘Be Bold’ brand tag line doesn’t go well with aspects. Though the initiation to the concept is fresh and never done to go viral and be talk of the town.

It is high time that people of the nation take homosexuals just as we are and give them the right to live their life.

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