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Is Your Best Guy Friend Hitting on You?

Friends For Life! Ok, so you two have been goofing around, spending the best moments together with each other, caring for each other, partying hard and enjoying life as best friends. But suddenly you find your bestie simply insists on spending much more time together, the alone time with you. He confuses you with his extra concern for you and avoids being around with other friends. Has he got a crush on you? OR is he now in Love with you?

Decoding male behavior is like decoding the codes from a sci-fi movie. Reading the behavior and converting it into a meaning, you may be are not prepared for. But, there are signs that you can read and learn to know if your friend is in Love with you.

  • He Keeps calling you again and again
    Is your best male friend calling you all the time to discuss every small topic? Well, the reason is simple, he just can’t wait to hear your sweet voice. Well, he is definitely in love with you if he calls you almost 20 times a day, only to ask… ‘Hey, wats up??’
  • Did he just nickname you like pumpkin, honey or bunny?
    Is there a difference in the way he calls you now? From the rude and rough way of calling your name to this soft, lovey-dovey nickname which is sugar sweet, the change surely indicates something…like Love J
  • The eye-to-eye contact and loving gazes
    Eye contact and the loving gazes are one of the biggest signs of love. You will see him lose his concentration from other things, and only focus on you and your work.
  • Jealousy and The No-other Guy thing
    Just like old friends, you love talking about your recent crush, and how cute the guy looks. In such a situation, does your bestie tell you terrible things about the guy you just complimented? The reason is jealousy and his love for you.
  • Messages become more loving
    From cracky jokes about friends and silly husband and wife stuff, the messages suddenly talk only about love, loneliness and being together. If you see these messages being forwarded to you by your bestie, take it as a sure sign that he is in love with you.
  • Compliments and cheering you up
    As a friend, he was earlier not much bothered about your looks or your intellect. But suddenly, now that he is in love with you, you will see him noticing you, your clothes, your knowledge and even complimenting you for every single thing.
  • Bonding with your best girls
    He shows more interest on your girl friends. Ready to go wherever you go. He wants to be with you always. He flirts occasionally to see your response and makes sure that you reach home safely. J Sweetness unlimited!!
  • Exposes his weak points
    As a friend, he always showed you his stronger side, but now he is ready to share his personal details with you. If your bestie has been talking about his family, his weak points, etc. simply catch the love hint that he is showing you. This is probably to see how you respond and how caring you get for him.
  • Style advice from you
    The way he dresses and he looks, were earlier only his way of styling. But, now things have changed for your guy friend. He will ask your advice every time he goes shopping. This is a way of giving you more importance in his life.
  • Has the body language changed?
    Does your guy friend love holding your hand, gets more caring for you, and touches you with extra care? Well, if yes, take it as a sure sign of love. These body languages show that he cares for you, a bit more than he initially did as a friend.

All these changes cannot be ignored by you. If they are not signs of having a crush on you, then what Is?

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