Journey of Life – Getting Pregnant In My Late 40’s

From My Way To See The World:

One fine monsoon morning, I was preparing tea for my husband and felt something unusual when it come to physique. Constant nausea, morning sickness, back pain & I skipped my periods. Since I was already a mother of two daughters, the symptoms of pregnancy did not go unnoticed. I went to the doctor and was 2 and half months pregnant. My heart started to beat fast and I was happy for obvious reasons. My husband congratulated me but something weird was constantly nagging me. I belong to another age, altogether will my adult daughters cope up with the soon to be newborn? And so, many questions rushed quickly in my mind. But my husband was my biggest strength. He supported all my questions with logical answers and practical views. With wide vision and positive mindset, I started enjoying the treatment of being pregnant. The positive points to support my pregnancy was, I was wiser, more experienced, financially stable and secured.

happy mother

From Doctor’s Point:

After getting pregnant, I had consulted many fertility specialists, relationship guru’s and family physicians. The doctors said that pregnancy at any age can have their own advantages and disadvantages. But since I was always conscious about my diet and health right from the beginning I was physically ready to go through the pregnancy. But Doctors said I was lucky enough because at times what happens that with the age, even the egg starts to lose its qualities and from the male’s part, it is said that a man is able to make a woman pregnant at the age of 60 and in his 70’s as well but the quality of the sperm deteriorates with time. There are huge chances of miscarriage and deformed baby. No doubt that doctor said that there would be risk of blood pressure and diabetes which was true. Today, I am a diabetic and also need to take regular tablets of blood pressure.

From The Way Of Society Judging you

Society always needs something to talk on. I used to get news that my neighbors used to make fun of my late pregnancy. Even my family members did not hope well for my pregnancy at this age. My daughter’s were 18 years of age and it was my time to get them married but that was the age I got pregnant. Many negative vibes surrounded me but at the end of the day I used to make myself stronger and wiser. I did not bother what society has to say. It was my life and my decision to assure that the baby has to be healthy. I gathered strength and always occupy myself in cooking good food and reading books and watching mythological television shows.


From The Way Siblings Look At You

My daughters were like angels from the heaven. They took almost all the responsibility of the household. They used to take care of their studies and give equal time to the house chores. Right from the doctor’s appointments to making me have medicines on time my daughters stood like pillars during my pregnancy.

I am proud to say that I delivered a healthy baby boy of 3kg’s. And It was a normal delivery. Today, I have assured that my son did not lack in anything right from the quality education to good lifestyle we were able to provide him with everything. My son today is handling my husband’s business and managing almost everything. Time flies and I still get goosebumps of taking a wonderful call of pregnancy in my late 40’s.

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