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Judged by Media and Society – The truth of Shweta Basu Prasad prostitution racket

Judgments come easy in India, and we curse our law system of taking years to give a legal judgment on issues such as rape, dowry, theft, murder, forgery and more. But sometimes, judgments are done by the society and a few media homes. However, are these judgments fundamentally right or are they simply some attention gaining planned dramas?

A few months back, actress Shweta Basu Prasad, the girl from Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki and the film Makdee was arrested by the police from a hotel in Hyderabad for being a part of a high-profile Sex Racket.

Reason given: Out of money, need to support her family and wrong choices made in professional career!

And before we knew it, the entire story was on air like a buzz, with every news channel, newspaper and magazine talking about the case. But, was this all really true? On the 5th of December 2014, the Metropolitan Sessions court, Nampally, Hyderabad gave the budding actress a Clean Chit in the sex racket case, withdrawing all the earlier charges. Soon after it, she sent an Open Letter to the media regarding the entire case.

The Open Letter

The letter, wisely scripted, mentioned how she appreciated media and journalists for covering stories from various fields and bringing truth to the lives of millions. But, when it came to her case, there were stories or versions of her story that were mis-leading and included statements that were not Actually given by her or the Police officials.

She wrote, “I was in Hyderabad for Santhosham Awards, which was conducted on 30th August. I was never encouraged to get into commercial sex and no agent booked my tickets and stay there! My tickets and accommodation was done by the award event organizers. The hotel where I stayed with other guests of the award ceremony was a hospitality partner with the event. I still have the itinerary in my email inbox.” Clearing the doubt in the air, she further mentioned that she also questioned the police if any statements were given by her or the police during that session regarding the case which was again Clearly Denied by the Police officials.

So, if it was not Prasad or the police who gave such statements, where did the story come out from? Where and how did tapes showing the girl come to the media, highlighting her involvement into a sex racket? The answer is unknown!

Our Take on the case

As I said, judgments come easy in India, it only takes a few people to spread the news, a few to make a story and a poor girl to be made a target. Today, the entire media stands for Shweta and has probably no answer to her open letter. She, on the other hand, stands strong with her family supporting her, and has overlooked the entire incident, the statements and the misleading stories.

A brave girl to overcome the incident rather quickly!

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