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Kasol – The Land of Mystic Beauty!

India is a diverse country and has beautiful culture spread across. All over the world, people are astonished by our rituals and traditions. Apart from that, it has some beautiful locations which are a must visit! There are a lot of unexplored places in India which can surely give you goosebumps. One such place is Himachal Pradesh or Dev Bhoomi and “Himachal” as people call it, as it is divided into valleys. Parvati Valley is one of the parallel valley to world famous Kullu Valley where lies Kullu and Manali.

I had visited Kasol in the month of November and it was indeed a rejuvenating journey for me. Away from the hustle bustle of the city life, Kasol has amazing things to offer you, Peace of Mind topping the list.

Location : Kasol

How to Reach Here?

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Kasol can be reached by bus or a private taxi from Bhuntar which is a connecting point for the buses or private vehicles coming from New Delhi.

Where to Stay?

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If your budget is high, then you can opt between a number of hotels available on the bank of Parvati River close to village center where lies the market to buy basic amenities and trekking amenities. You can also choose to stay in a home-stay or rooms  which are comparatively very cheap, generally away from the main village center but provides you good location and all the basic amenities.

What is Attractive About Kasol?


Kasol village lies on the bank of Parvati river and the village has been divided into two old Kasol and new Kasol through a bridge. Surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains, the weather changes here as fast as you can think. You stay anywhere in Kasol the sound of Parvati river flowing will give you a feeling that will last for your lifetime!

Food you Must Eat:

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Kasol offers excellent variety and quality of food from Mediterranean to Indian. The food is cheap and tasty. From bakeries, serving you one of the best desserts to cafes serving you great food, Kasol has it all with a heavenly environment and weather complimenting it perfectly.   

Best Time to Visit:

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Anytime is the best time to visit Kasol, it depends on people how they want to spend their time. It can offer you leisure time or even backpacking time.       

Things to Notice When you are in Kasol:

  • Kasol is a tourist attraction in Parvati Valley lies between Bhuntar and Manikaran.
  • Manikaran, near to Kasol has one of the world’s highest altitude located Gurudwara and also other important pilgrimage places for Hindu and Sikh religion.
  • Kasol is also called “Mini Israel” because it was the Israelis who found out this place in the mountains. You can see their influence in this town’s food and culture too.
  • As far as popularity of this beautiful town is concerned, I credit it to foreigners, you see the influence of foreigners on food, clothing and even the culture a lot.
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