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How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Updated?

Stop, catch your breath and think about the easiest way to keep your wedding guests updated about your wedding details. Yes, no phone calls, no messages and no mistakes…it can all happen smoothly with the help of CreateWeddingSite. Get it for Free and avoid the marriage hush for a perfect wedding. With some exclusive offers, package bundles and web apps, CreateWeddingSite can help you in giving your wedding a perfect planning and execution.

Creating a Wedding website switches the task of wedding planning from a scary activity to an interactive shape of Joy! Yes, you can create your Marriage website on your own. Just a few clicks and drags, and that’s all fellas, you can watch your life events spontaneously and have a casual wedding ride.

Share your Wedlock, Just by a click

share wedlock

CWS supports custom domain URL. (i.e.) You can map your wedding website to You can just start sharing your custom URL in Social media, Whatsapp, email, etc. With this concept of interactive electronic wedding invite, it’s just become easy to invite thousands of people in a single click.

Wedding Venue – Google mapped

map your wedding

Let’s observe how effectively CWS allows the wedding host to shares their Joy of wedding with guests. You can easily share the location of your wedding venue by linking its Google Map to your wedding website. Now your guests can spend more time with you in your wedding instead of spending time searching for the venue. Google can guide better than anyone else.

Your Privacy is Password protected

password secured site

We have multilayer privacy protection options available to our Wedding hosts. Yes, Your Wedding site can be as public or as private as you’d like.

If you want your wedding site to be private with only a few people having its access, you can do it by enabling a password protection. This ensures your wedding memories are preserved from anonymous people.

Online Guest book

online guest list

The guest book you have in your wedding site can be signed by anyone who visits your Website. Your Guest Book works just like an online bulletin board where guests can use it to post a blessing message to you. All messages posted will remain in your Guest Book, unless you specifically want one to be removed. If you require the removal of any message posted, you could do it directly from your backend.

A Dynamic Photo Album for your Wedding Occasion

What’s the better way to remember your special occasion than having an elegant Photo album? Yes, its kind of fun and takes just minutes. Add your photos to an album and share them with family, friends and folks. You decide who can view your photos, as stated earlier everything will be password protected.

 RSVP’ify your Wedding gathering!

RSVP cards

Get started with our advanced RSVP app with predefined questionnaire and track “who’s in” for your Wedding event. You always want to know from who you haven’t heard from, who’s attending and what their preferences are. You can develop a detailed list of peoples with their options.

Broadcast your Wedding Events Online

The latest trend in the wedding industry is broadcasting of your wedding events live over the Internet. No more Worries about your dear ones not being able to attend your marriage ceremony, reception or party!!! CWS extends its support to facilitate your guests to have a Live Wedding Video Streaming experience.

Share your excitement about your big day with your Loved ones and let them participate!

Happy Wedding…!!!

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