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Keeping Babies Safe During A Newborn Photoshoot!!

As parents, you would want to have memories of your children during their first days, weeks, or months. Photographs are one of the most standard ways to capture your child’s first precious moments, but are newborn photoshoots safe?

Safety Before Everything Else

Newborn photoshoots somehow work like how adult photoshoots do. However, there are extra precautionary measures taken when ensuring the baby’s safety throughout the whole session.

For instance, studios like Newborn Baby Photography Houston TX recommend that there must be consistent communication between parents and the photographer. It helps to show respect, and also allows both sides to throw opinions, suggestions, and lastly, guarantees the child’s safety.

When it comes to little ones, matters such as position, sanitation, and clothing are essential.

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How to Prevent Your Baby From Falling Asleep During a Photoshoot

Typically, some parents and photographers prefer to shoot newborn babies when they are either sleepy or already asleep. A sleeping baby is more comfortable to handle since they don’t fuzz or react that much, which allows photographers to pose them quicker.

If you wish to photograph your child while he or she is awake, you can try different strategies to keep them active during their photoshoot.

Studios like Newborn Baby Photography Houston TX allow newborn babies to get some sleep before photoshoots, and this helps them stay awake during the shoot itself. On the other hand, newborn babies stay awake for around two hours before the shoot to make them feel sleepy by the start of the session.

During the session, try to keep your child active by catching their attention or allowing them to move around. If they feel restricted with the clothes and props around them, they may fall asleep during the shoot.

Try to loosen up the garments or give them enough space to wiggle around. You can also bring some of their favorite toys at the photoshoot to play with, whenever they become irritable.

Essential Tips for a Safe and Successful Newborn Photoshoot

  • Don’t overfeed babies. Overfeeding to make the child pass out is not a good idea. Many child photographers support feeding the child as much as necessary to make them pass out and make the child pose in any way they like.
  • Do not benefit from their flexibility. Newborn babies are bendy but do not take advantage of their flexibility for the sake of a good photo. If the body of a baby doesn’t want to twist or flex in the way you’d like, then halt!
  • Don’t overheat the child. When the child is too warm, their habits change, and they can be quick or unpredictable; their heart rate increases too. Overheating can render a child lethargic. Of course, a child must remain relaxed but never be so hot that it threatens their safety.

Are Newborn Photoshoot Sessions Lengthy?

Sessions usually last between two to four hours. It depends on the number of shots needed, the baby’s mood and condition, changing clothes or props, and the photographer’s skills.

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