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Keeping Home Clean With A Baby On The Cruise

It is difficult to keep track of things unless you are prepared for it. But what about the unexpected? As a couple, cleaning and keeping the home tidy must have been an easy task for you. But, the story changes completely once you bring home your baby. A clean home, then after, only seems a dream, very difficult to come true.

Almost every time you clean the room, your baby may just want to trash it with his toys and cushions. So, what is the trick in keeping the home clean with a baby? Here are a few tips for all parents to enjoy an organized home, despite of a small monster at home.

Baby’s things: Needed in the house

At every floor of the house, organize a small corner where you can keep all your baby’s products. Stock a few clothes, diapers, toiletries, wipes and also toys.

In your baby’s room, of your baby’s cupboard has place to hang clothes, then you have enough space to stack the remaining baby items not needed at that moment. Of course you have to pack them separately. These could be an outgrown pile or to be used later lot. Once your little one shows other interests make enough space to store the other choices too. You never know what your baby may want, so keep everything. But always keep enough space for yourself handy. One such place, it should be an exclusive adult area.

Also keep a couple of dustbins handy to throw baby’s diapers and trash. Along with the dustbin, also place a small laundry bag to keep your baby’s dirty clothes, which otherwise you might see roaming around in the house in the hands of the baby.

Baby’s travel bag

Now that you have taken care of the clothes and the used diapers, it is time that you also stay organized when traveling in your car with you baby.

Include in your car:

  • A small changing mat
  • Few diapers
  • Small pack of wipes
  • Few clothes for changing
  • Bottle of water
  • Trash bag
  • Munchies for your baby.
  • Emergency medications for both

Keep this bag in your car always. This will help you travel easily and without much rush.

Baby’s Diaper Bag – The hush-hush of being a methodical mother. It is always best to stay stocked, rather than fall short of things. Your Baby’s diaper bag, is his bag of all necessities. Make sure you include:diaper-bag-full

  • Changing mat
  • Pair of clothes
  • Diaper cream
  • Blanket
  • Trash bags
  • Medications (for fever, gas and thermometer)
  • Extra feeding bottles
  • Food or milk
  • Toys
  • Pacifiers

 A few suggestions from the list may trigger you to think of better ways to get organized at a short notice.

Image Courtesy: whattoexpect.com

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