Kids Forced To Beg And Drugged To Sleep – Is This The Future Of India?

People say, India is no place for Women. Well, it should be, ‘India is no place for Women and Children’. I am not sure what are the crimes that haunt the foreign world, they may be more or less like ours, but after this story i conclude that India is a place for men, Only for cruel, arrogant men and fake politicians, who don’t bother to implement laws made for protection. People are being careful for women, but are we being careful enough to ask our kids what is going on in their mind or what have they gone through the entire day? If not please do, we don’t wish our kids to go through what this 13 year old boy studying in 7th Standard went through.

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On 25th May, Rohit ran away from his home in Uttar Pradesh to his Masi’s place (Maternal Aunt) because his family members scolded him for some reasons. His Masi lived near Peepal Chowk, Ghyaspura, in Ludhiana. As soon as he came out of the station he bumped into Raju alias Pinku. He lured Rohit by giving him Biscuits, Cold Drinks, Meat and Chapatti. Later, by the pretext of taking him to Masi’s place, he took Rohit in an Auto where he used his handkerchief to make the innocent kid unconscious.

On regaining the consciousness, Rohit found his hands and legs tied with five more children in similar condition. Raju forced him to beg the next day, on Rohit’s denial he thrashed him and kept him hungry until he capitulate. He was followed by Raju’s men when he was off to beg the next day to keep a track. In the evening they tie him back in the same room along with other children and induce the cattle vaccine to make them unconscious.

“This uncle is very cruel. From the crack of dawn at 3 till 6 pm, he would force me to beg. Then he would snatch away all the money I collected, tie my hands and legs, and inject me with drugs to force me to sleep” said the innocent Rohit.

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One of the onlooker on streets said that the effect of the vaccine was so strong that it altered the kids face. Raju and his team even planned  to train the children to steal goods from vehicles; however, before they implement the plan, the gang was caught. The boy is back to his mother Rameela Devi, almost after 2 months.

This tragedy is an alert notice to parents who are being too harsh on their super sensitive kids which force them to take extreme steps. It is also an alarm for parents who are not very protective or careful about their childrens’ outings. Moreover, it is always advisable to teach your children not to eat anything given by or speak to strangers and get lured to serious situations.

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