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Kitchen, A Clinic At Home!

In the changing trends of our society, and being overshadowed by modernism, we people are loosing our sense of gratitude towards all things that nature has gifted us with.

These days for any small ailment we are habituated to visiting the doctors and clinics, forgetting the fact that there is a clinic in every house. Surprised? Don’t be. I am talking about our Kitchen. Yes every Kitchen is a Clinic at home. Its just our ignorance that we do not value it. How can we forget the contribution of our Hakims and Vaids who would do the treatment with the natural resources.

So today, we shall select three common ingredients from our kitchen and talk about their benefits in curing diseases.


– Hing: Also known as Asafoetida which is easily available in every kitchen is a wonderful medicine to cure intestinal ailments, check toothache, treat hoarseness, helps in relief from burning and also helps in curing jaundice.

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– Dhania: Also known as Coriander, another very regular condiment in our kitchen is very useful to neutralize the purging nut poison, it also helps to relieve inflamed eyes, keeps acidity away and also helps to lower high blood pressure.

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– Haldi: Also known as Turmeric is the spice not only used for cooking but also to enhance beauty and in many rituals also. It is a perfect remedy for gastric problems, to cure bronchitis, it’s a cure against cancer, helps in relieving pain and itching of skin, helps to relieve sprains and internal injuries, acts as a remedy for piles, stops hiccups and also treats cough and cold. There are many more benefits of Turmeric.

Hence, next time in case of any sudden problem head to the kitchen first.

NOTE: Such remedies are useful only in first stage problems, do consult a doctor in severe cases.

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