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Know All About Top 8 Hot Toys For Christmas 2019 For Kids

Time’s almost up! Christmas is closing in fast and your kids are probably already excited to see what Santa will bring them this year. As Santa’s helpers, parents all over the world are trying to figure out the best gifts for their kids this year. Thankfully, there are many hot toys for Christmas 2019. However, when buying toys, it’s important to consider the wishes and the expectations of the kids, too. With a little help, you can be Santa’s top helper this year. If you are confused about the various gifts that are available in the market then don’t worry! Here we list some great toys that you can consider as Christmas presents for your kids.

Some of the top Christmas 2109 toys are as follows.

Juno Baby Elephant

We all are aware of Juno, aren’t we? This super-sweet elephant toy is a great gift for kids 5 and older. The toy has a trunk which makes a trumpet sound, a movable neck, big floppy ears, and big soulful eyes. Your little one can feed the elephant a peanut. It also comes with a small, lovable mouse friend. This is, all in all, the best Christmas gift for small kids.

Flying Owleez Owl

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Do you want your kid to have the hot toys for Christmas 2019? Then the suggestion is to get the Owleez flying owl. The owl is totally interactive. They need to be cared for and loved. However, kids have to teach the owl how to fly and guide them through the directions. Once the kids have taught the owl, his neck will grow and feathers will appear there. It flies all around the room. This will give the kid extreme joy so that they can enjoy Christmas with the special gift. Along with the owl, there are berries that you can use to feed them.

Singing Elsa Fashion Doll

This beloved heroine from Disney’s Frozen movies has long golden hair in a braid. She sings the popular song from Frozen 2, which starts with the press of a button.  She wears her favorite blue dress, inspired by Disney’s iconic design. This doll is perfect for kids who are at least 3 years of age and older. It’s a great musical Christmas gift for girls, especially.  It is one of the best among the Christmas 2019 toys available.

Treasure X Aliens Slime Toy

gift 2

Do your kids love to have treasure hunts? Then this Christmas let them enjoy these treasure hunt gift toys. In the slime you will find all the treasure hunt weapons, unique real space gems, and many other things. It’s a toy that includes surprises that your kids will love. Once you will remove the slime from the packet then you can place it on the head of the alien and let it ooze from the eyes and mouth. This is a great, gross best Christmas gift for kids who want treasure hunt games with a little extra twist.

Hatchimals WOW Growing Llalacorn

This is one of the best Christmas toys for kids. It is WOW’s biggest slated toy for kids. There are two different variations that you can get when buying your Hatchimal. One is a pretty purple, and the other is a super cool pink. The purple variation has blue wings, and the pink has purple and blue ears. They hatch from a giant pink egg which grows in front of your eyes to a height of about two feet tall!

Baby Shark Fingerlings

gift 3

Baby shark is back! If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for little ones, these cute little fingerlings are a great idea. This gift is best for kids who are at least 2 years old. Give it kisses and watch it flip its tail. The fin lights up too. This is the best enjoyment for kids. It also provides interactive motion and sounds, including the Baby Shark song that is so loved by kids.

Harry Potter Knight Bus LEGO Set

This LEGO Knight bus has three levels, including a hinged opening side panel and a removable roof for internal access. This is a great gift for any Harry Potter fan.

Official Blume Doll

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Among all the toys that were considered through the year, this is the surprise hit that everyone loves. A perfect gift for girls. You can collect different surprises that come with each individual type of Blume doll.


These are some of the toys and the gifts that you can give to the kids in your home. With this, you can gift them the most beautiful options from all the hot toys for Christmas 2019 that are easily available online or in shops. With advanced technology, many of these gifts are available with unique features and types. So don’t be late for shopping!


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