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Ladies And SEX! Reasons Why You Should Dominate In Bed!

Bedroom Secrets!! Dominance and Submission!! Sex is all fun no matter who leads it, but when it comes to enjoying it to the most, you need to understand this simple mind game. Just how many times did you feel close to your orgasm and you see your man leak into you, without taking you over the edge? How many times did you want him to give you an oral, but he would just stick to missionary style? How many times did you wish of enjoying a foreplay, while he would just start up with the main task, in and out, in and out?? Frustrating and boring right??? Well, it’s funny to know that there are a number of advantages and I mean serious advantages when you lead the game of SEX with your partner.

Couples today are open minded when it comes to enjoying intimacy with their partners. There is no shame and no hiding your emotions or even your demands. You want to try a toy, there are ample of websites online that deliver you sex toys discreetly. All you have to do, is just lead him into it. So, apart from enjoying the pleasure, here are 5 reasons why You – A Woman should take charge of Sex with your man!!

  1. The Control Game – Feels Good To Win!

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Women Love Control, especially at a task which is mostly dominated by men. When you control the sexual moves, you get to choose the sex position and the level of intimacy. Power that lets you win!!

  1. You Enjoy More

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Sex is not just for men to enjoy! You lead the way and you will enjoy it more. Play the game like you want and enjoy the pleasure!

  1.  You Teach Sex To Your Man

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When you are in charge, you teach your partner the various things that you love most in sex. You teach him how to pleasure you better. You also teach him the various sex positions that make your sexual experience supreme.

  1. Increase Your Confidence

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Dominating your sexual activities will only help you get more confident in your relation, getting over your shyness and nervousness. You feel sexy, empowered and encouraged. In simple words, it enhances your self-esteem.

  1. You Make Him A Happy Man

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Sex with your partner makes you really happy. And when you dominate, you make sure that you take him to the edge and beyond with you!

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