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Ladies, Ask These Questions To Play Naughty With Your Man!

Aren’t you bored talking.. ‘Things to do to for a great relationship!, He is your perfect partner, if he does this!, Story of a married bride.. bla bla bla and more of those.’ Well, they are required of course but not everytime at least! Ok then, how about you play a game with your bae tonight? Uff, put that piece of a cloth aside.. I am not asking you to play hide and seek but Question Answer!

You must be wondering what nonsense I have written but trust me it will be so much fun when you ask your bf/fiance/husband some quirky questions to get some unintentional and funny answers.. at times even horny ones! Now you seem to be interested here:

Ask him to keep ‘NO FILTER ’ please!!

1. What was the foremost thought when you saw me for the first time?

      Cause you never know, maybe it was the ‘cupid stuck’ moment!

Ask Your Man - 1

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2. When you saw me for the first time, what you thought to do?

What it would be? The way you speak, your smile, eyes.. I just wanted to..

Ask your man - 2

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3. You love me because?

The most common question of all! I am sure this one would be the honest one as well.

Ask your man - 3

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4. When you wake up what is the first thing you would like to do?

Aha aha… I have doubt on this question that it will appear to be a good boy. Girls have already started blushing!

Ask your man - 4

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5. Which movie story defines our story?

Love’s in the air.. what? no? One from ROMEDY? Hahaha

Ask your man - 5

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6. What is that one thing, you would love to do when I am asleep?

Eat, Smoke, Drink Repeat or just Peace!

Ask your man - 6

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7. What reminds you of me? Does anything at all?

Indeed a quirky one..

Ask Your MAn - 7

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8. We met after a long month, how you want to see me?

Do you even doubt on how he wants to see you? I know this..

Cover - 3

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9. My annoying habit?

Many he may say! Lol

Ask your man - 9

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10. What’s in me that makes you turn on?

Zipped and Locked…. My lips!

Ask your man - 10

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11. What you love to do to turn me on?

Repeat no. 10

Ask Your MAn -11

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12. I look best wearing what?

The moment you ask this… he had already imagined you with his one eyebrow raised! You never know he can be decent too!

Ask your man - 12

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13. What is that you want to watch on TV, when we are alone?

Wow.. how romantic! It’s just you and him and TV of course! It could be thriller, drama, romance, a passionate kiss which may lead to we don’t know where..

Ask your man - 13

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14. Your favorite sex position?

Sorry! Privacy Respected!

Ask your man - 14

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15. What do you would like to do like right now?

Tell every woman to ask these questions to their Man!

Ask Your Man - 15

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Oh gosh! These questions are… what to say.. are.. nothing. It can be funny, it can be humorous or it will just be naughty! Well.. what are you doing now.. stop reading this, go and ask these questions to your better half! All the best for the best time ever!

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