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Lavazza Coffee Pods – A Smart Way to Get the Best Coffee

Are you one of those kids who are always late? Do you always just wish to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee peacefully but are unable to do so because of the morning hustle bustle? Do you spend some extra pounds daily just to buy your coffee that could easily be prepared at home? Does that coffee aroma from your neighbors make you feel jealous daily, just because you are unable to cherish it at your own home? So here we are, with one shot solution to all your coffee problems – Lavazza Coffee Pods.

Coffee pods are basically paper bags filled with ground coffee. They are quite similar to tea bags, in their appearance as well as function. They are single serve units of coffee stored in a disposable bag to make the coffee making process easy and problem free. Each pod is packed in an individual packet to keep the aroma and taste of the coffee intact. It is so designed to reduce your time and stress in making an aromatic cup of coffee in the morning while you plan and get ready to start your day.

How to Use Lavazza Coffee Pod to Prepare the Right Coffee for You?

Lavazza coffee pods can either be used in coffee makers compatible with pods or directly without any machine at all. For using a pod in a coffee machine, you simply need to put the right amount of water in the machine and place the coffee pod in the pod holder of the coffee maker. Some machines also come with an option of choosing the strength of the coffee among normal, medium and strong. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, you will need to press the “start” button to start brewing your fresh cup of coffee. A coffee pod can easily be used as a tea bag without any coffee maker. All you need is boiling water and a cup. Just dip the pod in the cup filled with boiling water and keep it for 2 to 3 minutes for a weak cup, 4 minutes for a medium cup and 5 to 6 minutes for a strong cup of coffee.

One thing to note while using a coffee pod is that due to its packaging in a delicate paper bag, it is not suitable to be used with a high-pressure coffee maker machine. For this very reason, coffee makers for pods are made to work at low pressures. At high pressure, the paper bag might burst resulting into a messy experience instead of a wonderful cup of coffee.

Why Lavazza Coffee Pods?

The key reasons for adopting coffee pods by individuals and restaurants increasingly are convenience and consistency. When you know that you would have the same cup of coffee that you like, every time you fill in your coffee maker with the pod with just a push of a button, why would you not choose that product over others? And if that product gives you the easiest and smartest way to prepare your daily dose of freshness; isn’t that an icing on the cake?

Lavazza coffee pods are an upper hand at regular ground coffee packed in large quantities. Since you open and use the pod right away, the freshness of the smell of coffee remains unharmed. Moreover, the coffee pod machines are easier to use and clean and overall hassle free. Hence, Lavazza coffee pods give you an easy, problem free, fresh and consistent cup of coffee daily.

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