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Learn From Your Mistakes, They Have Success In Store For You!

It’s life…every living animal has to live their part of happy and sad situations, one cannot run from it! And those who had ran away, have lost the battle. Though we criticize our life for being so harsh on us, remember it leaves lessons behind for us, for we do not create the same mistake again and succeed the other time we try. And it’s us, and always us who would be responsible for everything we do and for everything we are today.

Instead of sitting ideal and crying for what has life done to us, let’s see what it has taught us! Every harsh truth that you have had faced have given you a lesson, that will make you nothing less than a stronger person. They are few truths we all face, some lose it while some win it.

Believe in yourself, as we cannot rely on others for help every time we are in trouble. Everyone has their own life and have their own problems, how long are we going to be dependent on them? You have a problem? Ask their suggestion but do not completely fall on them. No one is going to fix your life, it’s us! We should always remember that, at the end of the day we are responsible for the bad and we are responsible for the good (though few come and take the appreciation for the hard work) things we do. Always keep in mind, people will smile with you at your best achievements but there are only, I said only few who would share their tissues to wipe away your failure story.

Well, why should they? Even they have their own problems! Life isn’t perfect for anyone, you think those rich people with smiling faces have the no problems, but that’s not the reality. It is rightly said, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, likewise neither believe it’s only you who have problems nor take the burden of everyone else’s problem. Problems are there, hidden and exposed – only to make us more stronger physically, mentally.

Bygone is bygone.. Past leaves its imprints only to remind you your mistakes so that you do not repeat them. Remember, past have been written and nothing could be changed about it so why waste time and not invest in a new day? To forget it better, invest your time first with the people around, know more people and their stories and secondly never cut off from the social world, no one can be aloof here.

Take things in positive way, someday read ‘Geeta’, The Holy book, to fill yourself with energy and positivity. You would get a ladder to success through this book, which though is based on religion but is one of the best life guide book. Build expectations at a limit and then try to reach them, once reached build another limit, do not reach the sky directly, use the mediums slow by slow. Also, one should be ready for a fall, nothing is succeeded without a small or a big pull. Diamonds are diamonds only after thousands cuts! Just remember to stand up once you are broke, even when no one is standing beside you. This is how we live life.

P.S : Nothing can be changed about yesterday, and no one can stop you to change tomorrow!

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