Letter From A Daughter To Her Dad

“Oh, Pinky’s daughter is tall and pretty and she is 23 already. She has also done MBA from a reputed college. Let’s ask her parents for our son?” says a hopeful (if we can call her so) mom. Who is to marry? A boy and a girl. Who is deciding? Mom and dad; Why? Because this is what society asks you to do so.

Here is a pressurized daughter writing to her first love of life, pleading him to give her one year to live for herself.

Dear daddy,

Keep this strictly personal and confidential, please! Only between us!

Ok…so, I don’t know where I should start from! Wait, 1991 I guess, when I came to your life as a very important part of you. I am sure you still remember how you used to caress me, gently and lovingly…years have passed since then, and I am 23 now! All these years you have given me the best materialistic amenities I required and also the mental support and agreement to whatever I did or to whatever I wanted to do. I must say this to you that you have given me enough…also you have taught me how to differentiate between ‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’ which are mostly set by the society. The ‘values’ which you gave me were probably ‘right’ and strictly abiding by what society expects from an ‘ideal’ being. But let me ask you a question here…Were you willing to pass on all of those values to me? Ask yourself! I know you have taken few of the coolest steps that the dads of this society would not take. And I am really proud that you chose to do so.

Today, standing at the starting point of my career, when my ‘social age’ of marrying obstructs me to grow ahead…will you support me once again? Just asking for it, as I desperately need it for my peaceful survival!

Few more months and I will get done with my higher studies! Aren’t you happy that I have achieved and learned so much over the period of time? Please a very humble request…give me one year to live my life, to see myself grow professionally after so much of hard work we have put together. I need to work for an year after my final semester gets over, so that I get enough of work experience to establish myself in the field and get a job elsewhere (as I will have to follow my husband after the wedding). Can’t you give that one year to me? One year of me living for myself, one year of me starting to achieve all my goals, one year that will bring along the golden opportunities for my bright future…not just my future but also of my family and the next generation, as you know that I always wanted to be the coolest mamma with lots of professional experience to guide my kids well.

I am seeking your permission (hope you will grant me). With the burden of choosing a life partner, things become disturbing and difficult! Please I don’t want to divert myself at this point in my life. I might even start looking for guys after my final semester, but that would be like seeing only because I was pressurized and eventually I would deny for all the guys because try to understand…I am still not ready! And second thing, I might go with a closed mind of not marrying at this point of my life but….thinking about that guy who would be all set to start his life…matured enough…likes me or say wants me to be his life partner! I would still deny! So I can’t play with any man’s feeling like that…that’s the worst thing to do!

Please…Please…Please…grant me one more year! I know words do make a difference, so I wrote this to you instead of discussing this in front of others. I need your support to grow ahead…have trust in me! And mind it, I am not the one who would cowardly flee away to marry an undeserving guy…If at all I will come across a guy who can be my better half, I would definitely ask you for my life with him forever. Everything will happen with your agreement. So, be tension free…and you will realize that I am the best daughter and would always make you feel proud and see your head up!

The coolest daughter ever… 🙂 :-*

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