Women Lies

8 Lies Women Say So Confidently, That We Know They Are Lying!

Who is honest in this world? Find me a person who is 100% honest, for one or the other reason be it for good or bad, at some point or another we LIE, there’s no running away from dishonesty!
Men lie and women lie, everyone lies! Some statements or just being silent can come as a blast, but again that depends, good, bad.. Bla bla bla.. Well, here we have compiled lies that we say so confidently, that we know they are literally a big shit lie! Yes, the confident women liars, but still we manage to be innocent:

1.The Standard Lie

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“Money is not important, but he should love and respect me.”
Really Girl? Well, both the things matter, so don’t be ashamed to tell it out louder.

2. The Regular Lie

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“Just call me five minutes before you leave, I will join the party.”
What? Impossible! You may be that simple girl from the first bench of college or the one who is all funky, Party hai boss, 5 minutes ready is a lie.

3. I Don’t Really Mean It Lie

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“You looked so beautiful last Garba Night, your costume was unique.”
What you really meant was, “I would have been more attractive if I had that piece of cloth.”

4. Show off Lie

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“I just wear stilettos and pumps, who wears other than these?”
Well, you wear it every time just before and after the function/party always.

5. The Every girl Lie


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“No no no… it can’t be, I have just put on a bit.” (Blushing from pale to pink to red.)
Girl, why can’t you just thank the person for telling you the truth that you have shed kgs, we know you like it.

6. The Universal False Portrayal


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“Girls, shall we please stop the sex topic giggling, I don’t like to talk SEX.”
Really girl? But the world knows and you know women want it more than men. You stop it!

7. The other way around

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“I always praise the real beauty.”
Oh yes, you do!

8. The I Don’t Care Lie
I dont care
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“I really do not care how serious was your past, let’s live in present.”
Well, admit it girl, you really wanna know how far his ex and he went in their previous hitch.

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