Single Mother Feature

Life From A Single Mother’s Lens!

The disparaging attitude and the resultant prejudice against single moms and their kids, makes a difficult situation all the more difficult for those in the situation. I do agree that this is not the first time in history nor it is the first incident when a single mom and her child, gets a bad repo. I also endorse the fact that in my grandmother’s age and time, being a single and divorced mother was a bigger curse and stigma, where the discrimination and hardships were more distinguished in those days. However, things are not easy even today.

“No one willingly breaks a family. But when a family breaks, someone becomes no one”. I feel it’s time to ring the bells to sing the praise and raise your hands in applause towards the single mothers and recognize their work with appreciation and not criticism always. I ardently believe that when god blesses you with single-hood he also blesses you with a lot of strength to take all the gifts that come to you from your near and dear ones, the so called family and friends.

Most single mothers posses the 3C qualities of being Caring, Conscientious and Capable parents, and yet the world would treat them with the 3Is of Isolation, Ignorance and Insomniac behavior. It’s such an irony as your friends suddenly become acquaintances. Those parties which were once incomplete without you, now you don’t even exist in their guest list, everyone is worried if they exchange any words with you they might be asked for help by you and if you are strong enough to bear all this and still stand tall then suddenly you are judged on a character scale. No offense to the females around, but it’s time for you to get it loud and clear. “We single mothers are not interested in your man”.

Barring these society problems there are enough of other issues like the never ending bills, child’s education, medication, savings, future plans and sudden calamities. Amongst all these, we forget that we also exist and deserve some care, concern and time for our ownself. But can we afford it? So, let’s break the shackles now and celebrate our strength and consider ourselves, the blessed children of the almighty and thank him for giving us the problems since we could understand the true nature of humans as it’s very rightly said “Tough times are the best judge of human character “.

My one question to all reading this is “Why do you treat single mothers as aids patients” and my advice to all is “If you can’t make someone smile don’t be the reason for more pain in someone’s life”. And my final request to all is “Close your eyes and wear our shoes and ride our boat before you judge us again”.

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