Lingerie – Bring out the confident woman in you!

Women are beautiful, period! Whether you have the looks of Cindy Crawford or full lips like that of Angelina Jolie or have a plus sized body, women are the most beautiful and enticing beings on planet Earth. What you need to understand is a simple fact that your beauty and sensuality doesn’t come from your hour-glass figure but instead it comes from within.  

Wearing beautiful bras, panties, corsets, and bralettes are also a great way to help you feel beautiful and sensuous. Confidence must be your attitude and it should be the twinkle in your eyes. You must be comfortable in your own skin and must be confident in what you wear. Beautiful bras, panties, corsets, and bralettes add bling to your personality and your confidence. Even though you wear apparel over your lingerie, you can still feel amazing based on the fit.

Beauty and Your Lingerie

A woman’s true beauty reflects not only in her appearance but also her confidence. Choosing bras and panties that are a little lacey or made out of silk will not just feel good on your skin but will also help you feel sensuous and confident from within. With the wide range of designs and patterns available, it gets really easy for you to choose something that suits your style and makes you feel comfortable.

Fashionable and your lingerie colours

Every time women purchase bras and panties, most of them end up buying the basic nude shades or basic colours such as black, cream and white. These are choices which are made to ensure that lingerie gets camouflaged under everyday clothes. Why not some bright colour such as red or mauve? Well, red is the colour of love, strength, energy, vigour, power and leadership. It not only adds an appealing touch to your inner self, but also boosts your confidence. And if you thought that red is the colour only to be worn on Valentine’s Day, then why can’t you enjoy Valentine’s Day every single day? So, the next time you shop lingerie, make sure that you experiment lingerie with different prints, designs and patterns on them such as animal prints, floral prints, etc

Lingerie Shapes and Styles

Feeling comfortable in your lingerie is the most important thing for a woman. Imagine yourself feeling uncomfortable at work, just because you wore a plunge bra. Well, half of your time will be spent fidgeting with the straps or trying to set the cups perfectly over your breasts.  Therefore, women must check out the various styles of bras and determine which one will fit them well. Choose the styles that you want and feel comfortable in. Choose anything you like such as push-up bras, wired bras, bralettes, demi cup bras, minimisers, non-padded bras, strapless bras, corsets, sports bra, etc and make a choice based on the apparel you intend to wear through the day. No matter which style you choose, all you need to do is just make sure that you are comfortable in your skin and the lingerie that you have chosen.

Lingerie and Fabric

Fabric is just as important as the style you choose for your lingerie. Based on your need and usage, you must choose lingerie made out of fabric that makes you feel comfortable. You can choose between cotton, lace and microfiber. Apart from these basic fabrics, you can also find lingerie made out of expensive fabric such as lucent satin, silk impression, cotton satin, mulmul soft muslin, jersey material and lace satin. Identify the fabric you feel most comfortable in.

So, choose carefully what you wear based on how you wish to feel on that particular day… comfortable, confident, active or a combination of the three. If you feel comfortable and confident from within, nothing can stop you from achieving great heights. So, even if you are a plus size, just work on your inner-self and you can easily feel confidence and sensuality flow through you like Ashley Graham, one of the world’s most beautiful plus size supermodel.

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