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Live long – A Balanced Diet And Fitness Regime!

Most of us are involved in high demanding work profiles these days. This hardly leaves us with any time to take care of our health and lifestyle. If a diet or exercise regime is too restrictive and time consuming, one can hardly be consistent and expect any results. This not only makes us feel de-motivated but can lead to frustration and depression too. As an expert, I strongly believe that small and simple lifestyle changes cannot only help us achieve our fitness goals but also to maintain them. Following changes in daily routine can be your first step towards a healthy lifestyle, even though you may be involved in very busy and overwhelming schedules. These steps take no time at all –


1. Include nuts everyday – We do not give them enough credit considering they are little bites packed with nourishment, especially walnuts and almonds as they provide heart healthy fats along with fiber and some amount of proteins. Include them as in between snacks or have them while back to home from work. 10-15 pieces per day will be perfect. Make sure they are non-salted ones.

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2. Live in the sunshine – Well not literally!;)But getting some everyday will make sure you get enough Vitamin D which is very important for strong bones and optimal mood. Yes you read it right ‘optimal mood’ too and isn’t that one of the keys for well being. Get outdoors every day, all you need is 10 minutes of activity in open.

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3. Bottoms Up!! – When it comes to healthy lifestyle water should be your poison. Including other healthy fluids like light buttermilk, low sugar lemon water, fruit infused water can help you up the water intake especially for those who can’t have plain water more often. People who consume 8-12 glasses of water per day burn more calories at rest than those who drank lesser.

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4. Make time to de-stress – Stress hormone, cortisol can play havoc with your body and mind without you knowing at all. Do something that you enjoy at least 2 times per week, listening to music while you relax, playing a game with friends or family, nourish one of the hobbies that you’ve been trying to get back to since long. If not anything, get into yoga and meditation – ‘Yoga takes you into the present moment the only place where life exists.’ Start with 10 minutes session of any of these activities and work up to a longer session.

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5. Your future depends on your dreams so go to sleep– Good sleep is as important to your well being as breathing. Not getting enough sleep is linked to weak immune system, stress, mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Sleeping sound is more important than sleeping long, learn to prioritize sleep and create healthy sleeping patterns. People who work late should try to take a nap in day time to compensate the lack of rest. Sleeping for less than 7 hours even for 1 day can lead to lack in concentration and mood swings.

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Someone very rightly said, ‘Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend. Instead, it’s a lifestyle’ Include these steps in your lifestyle to lead a healthy life today.

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