Look Simple… Look Gorgeous This Valentine’s Day!

Soon it will be the day for us to celebrate “Love”, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It`s a perfect day to love ourselves more than anything and anyone else. Hence let us look our best and love ourselves a little bit more.

Nothing makes us feel better than using our favorite makeup and looking our best. So let’s start:

Step 1. Bring out your favorite foundation and put it on. Don’t forget to blend! Keep it light and natural. Make sure that it is a colour close to your own natural skin tone. Finish it off with a light dust of powder.

Step 2. Since it`s a day for love, let us use a nice red lip colour. Line your lips and fill it in with a red lipstick.

Step 3. Use a natural or light eye shadow all over your lids, use a darker one in the crease.

Step 4. Since no other animal loves its self more than a cat, let us do a nice cat flick for our eyes. Use a black liquid liner which has a nice, steady and thin brush. Keep the liner thin and draw out the edges. Make sure that both the eyes look the same. Take your time while you this.

Step 5. Get hold of your mascara and use a few coats to really define your lashes.

You can stop here, but if you wish you can go on to the next step.

Step 6. Contour your face, with a colour that’s 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Once again do blend it well.

Step 7. Since you are contouring you will also need to highlight as well.

Fix your hair, put on that red, sexy smile, bat your lashes and you`re all ready for your day of love.

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