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How To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding D-Day?

There is nothing better than a pretty wedding dress and an engagement ring to motivate a woman to get serious about weight loss. It is inevitable that you go to great strides to plan diet strategies, fitness regimes, quick fixes and starve yourself to detox for that radiant glow to look your best. What when all this goes down the drain with the stress and anxiety that comes along with this wedding bliss? The issue is that brides-to-be look out for quick fixes and easy dos that do not deliver in the long run and fail terribly. Wouldn’t you rather opt for healthier ways to lose weight that show better results that last longer? We have put together the ultimate guide to save you from the misery and help you lose weight before you lose your mind.

#1 Get Your Facts Right


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Do not steer to fad diets and marketing gimmicks that don’t make any sense and difference. Think through the changes you are going to make considering healthy eating, physical activity and lifestyle changes. Get back to your basics and opt for fresh and natural produce, push yourself to maintain an active lifestyle and be aware of what works the best for you.

#2 Get Rid Of The ‘Starvation’ Approach


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Yes, you need to keep eating! Not eating enough can be as harmful as eating too much. Do not sabotage your weight loss mission by not eating enough. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day to keep your body fuelled up and your mind sane through the chaos. Make sure you eat wholesome meals that give your body the right nutrients that it needs and go low on simple sugars, high fat and processed food. Snack smartly in between meals and always keep a fruit and some nuts handy.

#3 Pick A Fitness Regime

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Picking up a physical activity can be as complex as picking out your wedding dress. With the myriad of routines available, choose what suits you best and the one that you can keep up with. Indulging in physical activity not only helps you shed those extra pounds that you are bagging up on but also is a great stress-buster. Plenty of reasons to stop hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock and hitting the gym instead?

#4 Combat The Stress


With life throwing so much at you, you are bound to get stressed and crack under pressure. Stress has many implications on your mental health and this could show up on your waistline too. Make sure that you find your calm in the chaos around you. Make some time for yourself in between a million errands to run and de-stress. Breathing techniques are a great way to relax and help you connect to the present moment.

#5 Sleep The Beauty Sleep


Your mind and schedule may be full of to-dos but make “catch up zzz’s” as a must do! You need to catch up on enough sleep to make sure that your system gets a good slow down and you keep up with all the jazz around you. Not getting enough sleep gives you a sluggish feeling and we absolutely do not want puffy eyes or dark circles.

#6 Keep Hydrated

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Water is the most important and neglected resource that we need. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day in order to maintain the body fluids that in turn help you attain a radiant skin and healthy hair. It also helps to re-energize and get rid of the toxins from your body. And yes, hydrating with booze is not an option!

#7 Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

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The one word that describes a weight loss journey is “consistency”. Stay consistent with your new habits and changes, one day at a time. Taking huge steps in order to lose weight is not what it takes to shrink the belly but it is these teeny tiny efforts that you take in order to change your lifestyle.

Here are some great recipes that can help you aim at the weight loss without losing your mind (Courtesy- Homeveda.com)

Stay calm through your journey and keep an eye at the prize. Stick by these rules and get through the fat to fit phase. Cheers to a healthier you and a picture perfect bride!

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