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Love Making Signs – Is He In Mood Tonight?

Men Just Want SEX! Ya, ya… we all know about this bold tag line that connects men with sex. But, once you are imarried or in a relation, the meaning of sex, desire and lust seems to change altogether. It doesn’t stay as transparent as it was earlier. It gets stale, boring, monotonous and unappealing!

With you all prepared to wear that sexy lingerie for him, are you sure he really wants to be deep inside you tonight? Well, shoo away your confusions and check out these body signs that help you know whether or not your partner is ready to have hot sex tonight. Catch the signs and ignite the flames of love!


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His Facial Expressions

There is a saying that expressions speak more louder than words. This same thing applies here as well. Is he staring at you? Is he in a relaxed mood? Does he look naughty, almost ready to bite you any instant. If yes, take out the scented candles from the store and arrange them in your bedroom tonight.

hands in pocket

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Hands Inside His Pockets

If a guy keeps his hands in the pockets, it means that his tower is already prepared to show its height and strength. Take this as an invitation to SEX.

rubbing nose

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Silently Touches His Nose Constantly

Did you know that the nerves in a man’s nose and his erectile tissues are linked? This means, if he sits silently on a couch, simply touching his nose with his fingers, he is actually all charged up inside, ready for the action to commence. However, do check his mood before you bounce up on him trying to get intimate with him.

naughty smile

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Gives A Nasty Smile

That naughty smile, biting his lips and constantly wetting his lips in front of you! Well, yes yes yes… these are signs that he wants to have hardcore sex with you tonight.

rubbing shoulders

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Rubs Your Shoulders

There are a few traits in men that show their warmth for you and their eagerness to hold you in their arms for some love-making. Is he rubbing your shoulders with his hands or simply holds your hands in his? Well if he does, wear that secy lingerie you have been saving for a passionate night of love making.

grabbing hugging

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Grabbing & Hugging Often

If women are moody, so are men. One minute they want sex with you, the other minute they seem tired and absolutely sleepy. If you man hugs you and keeps his hands on your waist in a public place, feel happy that he is actually craving to touch you and make love with you.

breathing heavily

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Breathing Heavily

SEX… Excitement… Heavy breathing!! Check his breathing to know if he is actually aroused by your presence. If yes, then his heart, body and mind are all trumping like anything just for you.

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