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M.I.Y (Make It Yourself) Cosmetics guide – Fashion With a Conscience!

There are some of us who feel sick thinking of the fish scales in the lipsticks or the crushed bugs in making it the perfect red! Some of us are so caught up, we do not really wait to check whether these are cruelty-free or non-animal tested. We are not trying to dissuade you from being the ultimate fashionista, all we are saying is let’s do it the organic & vegetarian way, where nobody is harmed!

Some animal derived ingredients that you should know:

  • Wax is actually beeswax
  • Glycerin which is usually an animal byproduct Fish scales, Lactic acid, Panthenol.
  • Lanolin derived from sheep wool.
  • Tallo which is stearic acid from animal fat.
  • Carmine, which is a dye derived from body and eggs of insect beetle called Cochineal.
  • Not to mention, Lead and other chemicals.

So let’s make some guilt-free cosmetics and flaunt them all you want!

MIY Lipstick/Lip balm / Cheek Stain

girl applying lip balm

  1. Take one teaspoon organic vegetable wax, one teaspoon shea/cocoa/kokum butter or clarified butter (ghee), and one teaspoon of coconut/almond/olive/Vitamin E oil.
  2. For a nice fragrance, use a drop of sandalwood oil or gulabjal (rosewater). Mix these and heat them at a very low temperature till everything melts.
  3. Then quickly add the desired color – cocoa for brownish hues, beetroot powder for pinkish hues, pomegranate juice and hibiscus flower crush for reddish hues.
  4. Add the amount according to the desired lighter or darker hues.
  5. Whisk all the mixture while it’s hot and quickly transfer into the container and allow it to settle for 3-4 hours.

P.S – you can also add a little mint for some cooling effect!

MIY Mascara/ Kajal / Eye Liner

girl applying eye liner

  1. Take some castor oil or a little aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil and a pinch of soot from mustard oil earthen lamps or activated charcoal.
  2. Mix these ingredients well and apply for beautiful and healthy eyelashes.
  3. This mixture can be applied with a damp brush outlining the eyes as the perfect organic eyeliner.

MIY Blush / Compact powder /Eye shadow

Girl applying blush

  1. Take some finely ground arrowroot powder, cinnamon powder and cocoa powder.
  2. Mix this in such quantities so as to get the desired shade.
  3. Add a drop of gulabjal and set it in the box of compact.
  4. Finely ground beetroot powder or dried hibiscus powder could be added for pinkish tinge while more cocoa can be added for brownish hues.

No more going on a guilt trip with animal tested products or worrying about the toxic cosmetic ingredients! We show you the easiest way to make some cosmetics at home. Absolutely natural and organic, you would love making your own shades of kajal and lipsticks. Try it out!

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