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Makeup Magic – Dark Circles Gone!!

When it comes to our face, most of us have to battle with the dark circles around our eyes. Some people have it as a hereditary while many have dark circles due to a couple of reasons such as lack of sleep, improper nutrition, etc.



Dark circles can easily be taken care of with a little bit of makeup and technique. A concealer is the best way to get rid of the dark circles. Concealers come in different type of shades and textures. You can use a cream concealer or a liquid one or a powder one. When you choose a concealer of your favorite brand, just remember to use one shade lighter than your foundation color. And always, always remember to use a powder after using your concealer to set it otherwise it will get cakey and that is not what we want.

I normally first use my foundation, then concealer and then a translucent powder to set it. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to blend your concealer. Blend, blend, and blend away. I normally start by applying it with my fingers and then use a concealer blush.

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Using a highlighter is another effective way to hide dark circles. It easily helps you hide your dark circles also adding a little bit of focus to your eyes. Take a little highlighter on your finger tip and start applying from the inner corner of your eyes, slowly spreading it with your finger on the way out. Apply highlighter only after the foundation and before the concealer for a perfect look.

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Now for those who have very, very dark circles, then you would need what is called a corrector. A corrector neutralizes the dark circle. For most of us, an orange corrector or peach corrector would do the trick. First apply the corrector evenly, using just the amount needed and then use a concealer on top, and use powder to set it. If your dark circles are more bluish and purple, you would need a tangerine or salmon colored concealer.

Redness can be corrected by using a mint green color. If dark circles are your major problem then investing in a good corrector is the way to go.

Don’t let dark circles bring you down. With a little makeup and practice no one would know about your late nights, or broken hearts.

Brands like MAC and BOBBIE BROWN make good concealers. BEN NYE  has a beautiful corrector palette. SMASH BOX is another brand that makes good correctors and concealers.

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