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Making Him Smile – See A Child Laborer Enjoy And Talk About His Life Over A Burger

I am sure we have met small kids selling those stickers and pens on the streets. And I am also sure about the N number of times when we have asked them to go away or simply tell them, ‘aage ja’. Those kids or say those child laborers do not have enough money to have a square meal a day. But they have a big heart for their family, a lot of care for their siblings and sympathy for their parents. Putting aside their own necessities, these kids work hard to only fulfill the Basic Needs of their family.

Treating one such kid with something we usually eat when out on shopping can actually bring a smile on his face and a lot of satisfaction to your heart. Instead of pouring money in temples and priests, help these children. They, in true sense are God’s children who hold the power to bless you for a happy life.

Watch this video that would melt your heart, bring a smile to your face and perhaps even make you cry. Take a pledge to help such children.

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