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Because Man Helping A Woman Is SO NOT Indian Right?

Being born in nineties, I recall playing ‘Ghar-Ghar’, an Indian kids game of imitating themselves as adults doing their routine in the house. As a girl, I always played someone who loves to cook inside the kitchen and is always super excited to host a dinner or lunch and other my siblings or friends played their imitating roles according to their gender. But never thought those kids playing no harmful game was indeed building something in their tiny innocent minds!

In Indian society, men are not suppose to cook – Well they only do it in three conditions 1. It is their career. 2. They love to cook and hence they help their mother or wives. 3. There’s no good option available in the absence of sister, wife or mother, so COOK! And it’s not just about Kitchen roles… it’s everything! Why have we stereotyped work only to Women? The reason is unsaid but this small video would definitely force you think, a change!

Watch it, watch it again and share with everyone who can bring change, because households is not just HER responsibility:

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