Managing Work And Baby Together – The Balancing Act

You are a successful career oriented woman, with people looking at you with pride for your contribution to your office. Managing home and office together almost perfectly, you are the perfect wife and soul mate for your partner. But, life changes completely after you give birth to a little bundle of joy, your baby.

The question arises, “Can you move back to your previous routine, manage work, baby and home together?” The answer is Yes! Yes, you can, but with a little help and planning. Here are 5 simple tips to help you manage your baby and work together, without missing out on anything.

1. The will to work

Giving up work after you have your baby is not the solution that most working mothers look for nowadays. Trust me when I am saying this. You surely don’t want to keep cleaning your house, feed your baby and change the diapers all day long. You need to keep your mind active to feel fresh and normal. You will stay happy when you work as compared to when you are not working.

Plan how you are going to work after your pregnancy leave is over. You can ask your boss to allow you to work from home and have flexible working hours. Follow a schedule and you will start managing your work and baby perfectly.

2. Set your priorities

Once you are working, it is important that you set your priorities right. Give away some of the other less important responsibilities and focus on your top priorities such as taking care of baby and completing your office work.

Other stuff like, house cleaning and laundry can be done later during the weekends. Spend time with your baby and managing your office schedules.

3. A proper Fusion

In most cases, you will hear people suggesting you not to fuse work and family together. But, sometimes it works best. You can choose play-schools, telecommuting, and flexible working time and even ask your boss to offer a family-friendly environment at work. This fusion will help you take good care of your baby and also work with ease.

You can work from home as well after putting your little one to sleep. This way, you not only nurture your baby perfectly but also manage your work best.

4. Parent team approach

Caring your baby alone and managing work together is a big task. But, with the help of your partner you can do it all easily. Team up with your partner to manage your home, work and baby together.
Distribute tasks such as cooking, bathing, cleaning and picking up kids from schools with your partner. Doing all this alone and also working is almost an impossible task. Fathers need to take up some responsibility of the baby.

5. Your personal time

After a baby, most mothers get too lost in nurturing the baby and managing work. But, its equally important to feel fresh and happy. And for this, you need to pamper yourself and take care of your own health. You can use different solutions to make baby sleep easily, like sing a lullaby or  baby swing and can enjoy your own time.

Going to the gym, yoga, spa, shopping, etc. will help you stay fresh and maintain a beautiful balance in life.

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