Marijuana and Meditation

Why Marijuana Compliments Mindfulness and Meditation?

Modern life is stressful. Juggling family, work, and studying can cause anxiety, depression, and health problems. Small amounts of stress are good for us, but when we spend every waking hour worrying about relationships, work deadlines, and whether the world is disintegrating into anarchy, it is essential to find personal peace.



Finding Inner Peace

Mindfulness helps practitioners connect with the present. Instead of focusing on future events or tasks you need to accomplish, your mind shifts to a different perspective. Mindfulness allows you to accept your thoughts and feelings, no matter how negative or painful they are, without prejudice. It helps you cut out negative thought patterns, putting you back in control of your life.

Practicing mindfulness helps us to deal with the pressures of modern life. It means you are less likely to be affected by stress.

Mindfulness as a Treatment for Stress and Anxiety

Doctors recommend mindfulness meditation as an important treatment for stress, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, and conflict.

For anyone struggling with stress and negative thoughts, mindfulness is a powerful, therapeutic technique. Studies have proven that regular meditation and mindfulness improves memory and creativity while reducing depression and associated health problems.

Anyone can practice meditation and mindfulness, but it can sometimes be difficult to block out external sounds and sensations, or the chaos of internal thoughts.

The Art of Meditation

For a beginner, meditation is not always easy and it can take a lot of mental focus to reach a state of heightened awareness. If your mind is plagued with negativity, finding inner peace is often unattainable. For some, the key to successful meditation – and therefore mindfulness – is marijuana.

Calm, focused breathing is essential during meditation. Focusing on your breathing allows the body and mind to enter a deep state of relaxation.

The Use of Cannabis during Meditation

Cannabis is a useful tool in helping the user relax and slip into a meditative state. It is the perfect companion for practicing meditation at home or enhancing your mind-body connection during a yoga class. Because of its therapeutic effect, marijuana is popular with yoga enthusiasts, as it helps practitioners achieve a dreamy state of euphoric relaxation, which helps with meditation.

A Euphoric State of Zen

Certain strains of cannabis compliment meditation and mindfulness by helping the user achieve a euphoric state of Zen. Some strains are known for their tranquilizing effects. Indica strains of cannabis such as Northern Light act as muscle relaxants, which is why they are often used to relieve the pain of chemotherapy. Users describe a feeling of “deep contentment” when using Northern Light during meditation, which continues long after their meditation session ends.

Even if you haven’t used cannabis before, maintain an open mind. The right strain can significantly enhance your meditation sessions, which in turn will lead to greater mindfulness. For anyone seeking a relaxed sense of inner peace and tranquility, the positive psycho-physiological effects of using marijuana during meditation are too powerful to ignore.

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