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Is Your Marriage Heading Towards A Divorce?

It’s over! I call it Quits!! The marriage vows… the promises and the happy moments you lived with your partner… all seem to be slipping off your hand.

How many people do you hear crying out about their failed marriage? The number, I assume is much higher than what it used to be a couple of years ago! No, they are not forced marriages, nor are they a cause of domestic violence! It’s quite confusing to  understand what has really gone wrong with the young aged married couples! Is it that their love is not strong? Is it that they have less resistance power? OR Is it that they don’t want responsibilities out of work? Well, the reasons are and can be various, but every relation goes through the same phase, before divorce!

Fights… misunderstandings… less quality time… and resentment! Aren’t these the right words to express your distraught married life? But before your marriage breathes its last breath, it gives you signs, signs which when picked up in the right time can save your relation and love!

So, if you really love your partner and don’t want to part your ways without a little fight to revive your marriage, know these signs that can alert you and help you save your marriage!

  1. Your Communication Becomes Robotic

When you speak to your partner, the conversation is robotic. You both speak…. but don’t communicate with each other. Your conversations are not fruitful, have no emotions and superficial. The connection between the two is now distant.

You neither hear what your partner says nor do you understand it. Distance in communication is the First Sign that your relation is heading towards a Divorce.

  1. You disagree on almost everything with each other

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Whether it is about discussing your career, food, house or spending time with family, you guys start disagreeing on almost everything. There is no conversation that occurs peacefully between you. Simply try to understand each other by putting yourself in the other’s shoe. Communication can help resolve the problems.

  1. You Spend less quality time together

Your Together time just seems to have disappeared. Instead, it is now more about Me Time than the Us Time.

You are either too busy socializing with your own friends, minus your spouse, or are engrossed into your TV show, internet, mobile, etc. This automatically increases the distance between you guys, making it impossible to resolve the problems.

  1. You don’t put extra efforts to improve your Relation

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You do realize that your relation is moving towards a divorce, but instead of making a little extra effort to improve your relation, you simply avoid the matter. You lack the motivation needed to keep your marriage strong.

  1. You Don’t respect each other

The person you once loved from the depth of your heart, you now have no respect for him at all. Whether it is about the house chores or the food you cook, you look into finding faults in everything. Even if you try to talk, you start arguing and fighting with each other. The harsh words said, do enough damage to your relation.

  1. Intimacy is now a past

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Marriage is all about love, care, respect and intimacy. Hugging each other, holding hands, giving sweet kisses on the cheeks, these are all small gestures of love and intimacy. If your relation lacks these, you better note that your relation is on the rocks.

  1. You Both Argue on the Same topics

When love has disappeared from your relation, you start arguing on small issues again and again like cats and dogs. Small fights are normal in every relation, but abusing each other, fighting and shouting at each other again and again is a big sign that your relation is breathing it’s last.

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