Marriage – What Changes After You Say ‘I Do’??

I and my partner courted for almost 7 years before we finally decided on going ahead with our relation and saying the words, ‘I Do’! We thought we were absolutely compatible… understood each other by the expressions on the other’s face. But, 1 year down the marriage lane… and we realized how very wrong we were. Did we get married in a haste?? Perhaps we did or may be not! Well, I still don’t know!

Things change…. Relation changes… Situation changes… our approach to each other changes… love changes… and above all.. We both Change!! Damn, what a big change Marriage brings! Here are a few things that marriage changes in our lives.

Marriage comes with - 4

Your Name Changes

From your first name basis… it All becomes to Mr. and Mrs. XYZ. No Jenish… No Aditi… Just Husband and Wife! You actually jump when someone calls you by your new surname. All these years you are just Miss and now it becomes Mrs.

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Marriage comes with - 2

Your attitude for work alters

Earlier… you used to make tea just for yourself… today you make tea or coffee for both. You now think about your husband’s priorities first rather than just thinking about yourself. You may just be cleaning your cupboard every sunday… but now, you have to do it for him as well. It’s all about you both… nothing just about you or him differently.

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 Marriages comes with - 3

Your Outlook for the world changes

You become the confident Wife! you are no longer his girlfriend who used to be shy while holding hands in the public or going to a dinner party with his family. You feel secured, you feel confident and very much secured while holding his hand in yours.

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People look at you with expectation

Getting married changes a lot of things and it surely changes the way people look at you. They start having more expectations from you. You are no longer the easy go lucky person… you need to plan things and be a multi-tasker. Managing friends, family, work and home everything smoothly. And yes… you are expected to be the best in it!

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Arguments and tiffs are at different level

Oh yes…that itchy palm of yours and the fights! Well, before marriage fights were casual and always had an open option of leaving! But after marriage, the option to Leave is Not quite a choice that you wish to take. Before marriage you can expect your love to woo you again and make up. But after marriage, compromising becomes the only solution. The wise solution!

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