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May Horoscopes – How Good Is This Month For You?

Aries Horoscope


You could be in a state of mental hibernation at the beginning. You are likely to shut off your mind from worldly responsibilities and commitments. But, you will soon come out of this hibernation and get busy with work, informs Ganesha. For middle aged and above, some health issue may bother. Try some alternative medicines for long term cure. In the second week, the good news is that great cohesive for will improve situation, but only marginally However, businessmen and professionals benefit here. People looking for jobs will be on their toes. With regards to health, slow digestion may bother here. Some light exercise in the morning could alleviate your problems, advises Ganesha. By the third week, a money related issue could bother. You will be unable to recover some money lent to a close relationship. There could also expenses incurred on account of a religious ceremony. Bachelors will be under pressure to tie the knot. By mid-month, those holding jobs could get comfortable. You will be able to focus on your work and perform efficiently. Here, businessmen will be able to score over competitors, says Ganesha. Around Tuesday, you could bring up opportunities to forge meaningful relationship with an influential person. By the month’s end, you will help in strengthening your financial position. It will also favor singles to enjoy romantic moments with a close friend. Those already in love could also be helped.

Taurus Horoscope


The month of May starts on an optimistic note but could close with issues in relationships bothering. At the beginning, you will make progress and gain monetarily. Though days could keep you dissatisfied. Do not bottle up negative thoughts and feelings; instead direct it towards positive action that will benefit, advises Ganesha. Bachelor’s seem lucky here as they may have a wide choice of partners to marry. However, those married will be ill at ease due to the indifferent attitude of their spouse. In the second week, you will be able to resolve conflicts and improve relationships. People around you will now cooperate willingly. But no settlement for married folks as yet, they continue to be disgruntled. By mid-month, some urgent expense related to family could upset your budgets. Job holders will perform exceedingly well drawing applause from peers and seniors. For businessmen, mid month do not favor high margins at this juncture, therefore rewrite your costs and revenues to maximize profits, counsels Ganesha. Avoid extending credit to new customers. In the fourth week, taking care of family money matters could stress you. Household expenses could increase due to visits of guests and relatives. If you live in a joint family, there will be more issues to resolve besides money. You need to be tactful and polite while dealing with family members, says Ganesha. Putting an end to conflicts in relationships is a crucial skill in life. You will be able to successfully resolve a festering, old issue in a close relationship with your diplomacy. Married life continues to be unhappy, as it was in the beginning. Ganesha point out that when both husband and wife become assertive and unrelenting, reconciliation takes a back seat.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

At the beginning of the week you might have to incur expenses for some urgent needs of the family. You will be doing this to keep the family happy. Around Wednesday, a seemingly wonderful money making opportunity may come by. Do not jump at it blindly. Use your discretionary abilities here to sift out the wheat from the chaff as this phase appears deceptive, warns Ganesha. The second week brings in good times to learn new skills, particularly those you have always wanted to. Fear not, the stars will help. Businessmen and professionals will have a lucrative week. This change will also have a positive effect on marital life. Some major health complications could arise here. Visit a doctor on noticing anything untoward, says Ganesha. By mid-month, you may receive some positive vibes to work effectively, says Ganesha. Singles will be favored to initiate a close relationship with opposite sex to enjoy romantic moments. Those already in love will be keen to tie the knot and be together forever. In the fourth week, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Those in business may go ahead with expansion plans or starting a new project. However, be prepared for hurdles in routine work. Ganesha advises those doing jobs to refrain from indulging in staff gossip. Instead keep yourself focused on work and boost your productivity. By the month end, you feel insecure and lacking confidence. Businessmen and professionals may face hurdles. Be patient, counsels Ganesha. Love and romance will take a back seat now.

Cancer Horoscope


Your week starts with your artistic sensibilities taking over. You could listen to music, write a poem or compose music – or do anything that may elevate your spirit and calm your soul. From Wednesday, your focus will shift to worldly realities like work and money matters. Midweek appears gainful for businessmen and professionals. Some issues concerning relationship will keep you preoccupied. Ganesha advises that you adopt a kind of give-and-take approach to maintain peace. Singles will have a hard time pleasing their new found love. Married couples too will struggle trying to keep their spouse in an amicable mood. In the second week, you will have more freedom to work in areas of your choice, so plan judiciously, urges Ganesha. Those with jobs could face difficulties here. You could be pulled in different directions that may prevent you from acting decisively. Health will be good this time around. By mid-month, you pace of progress will quicken with some clever and calculated moves. Those in business could face stiff competition. They might have to lower margins to earn profits. Pay close attention to customer feedback, advises Ganesha. Job holders will be under pressure to improve performance. Those in love may be unsure about whether to wait or move ahead with the relationship. In the fourth week, there could be a setback in health. Some viral infection is likely to catch up with you. You may be down with fever and forced to take rest from routine activities for a couple of days. It is time to be cautious about financial transactions, warns Ganesha. Do not risk your money for quick gains. As the last week commences, Monday blues may catch up with you, leaving you feeling queasy and unsettled. You may not be enthused about work. Thankfully, Planetary position seems supportive for singles to enjoy physical intimacy. Over the month-end, be careful of getting untangled in a relationship from your past!

Leo HoroscopeLeo

The month of May could preoccupy you with making money and a bit of mood swings. At the beginning, you may find yourself in the dark. Thankfully, by Wednesday, you will be inspired to become active. Around weekend, you will come across a good opportunity to gain, states Ganesha. For those doing jobs, you could encounter problems at work and fail to meet scheduled deadlines. Health is good during this phase. The second week is auspicious for job seekers as well for those employed. Things will flow more smoothly and quickly now. Use this opportunity to showcase your ability and adaptability, says Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals could have gainful time at this juncture. You will remain energetic and in the pink of health here. In the new fortnight, business owners, entrepreneurs, startup professionals and others from similar backgrounds will be blessed. They will be able to strike long-term profitable deals. You will now be able to provide comfortably to the family. It is important that you conserve for lean days, urges Ganesha. Those singles will have to be less temperamental when wooing someone of the opposite sex. You need to be polite and tactful to impress. Freshers could be suitable employed here. In the fourth week, you will make friends with people from different backgrounds. However, be careful of idle mongers, your expectations about gains could shoot up. But Ganesha recommends that, for the time being, it would be better if you have both your feet planted firmly on the ground. By the month end, temperamental tendencies may occur. For singles, the stars are not favorable currently. Those married will also have a rough time.  You could make you prone to sickness. Remain careful about viral infections here.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

This month of May will bring in ample fortune. You will succeed in your efforts. This looks like a good time for businessmen and professionals dealing with overseas projects. Though, read the terms and conditions of customers carefully before accepting the deal, warns Ganesha. Job holders will feel uneasy for one reason or the other. Freshers could have a tough time getting suitably employed. Complaints related to respiratory system needs to be treated promptly. In the second week, positive news continues to blow. Routine activities will be smooth. Your overall performance will also improve. However, those employed will fail to make an impression on their boss, despite getting better at work. Do not fret or get demotivated, counsels Ganesha. Singles will be more concerned about career graph than love and romance. Those having pain in the joints may suffer here. Avoid painkillers, consult a specialist. By mid-month, some issues in a close relationship could be your main concern. Ganesha warns not to have an unrelenting attitude as it kills harmony and leads to break up. A good opportunity for monetary returns may come up midweek. Gains from this venture could work well in strengthening your financial position. With regards to health, an old problem which was thought to be cured could resurface. Try alternative medicines to keep situation under control. The fourth week commences with encouraging news. You will be better placed to handles issues in personal life. Those married will be on cloud nine by the responsive and cooperative attitude of their partner, forecasts Ganesha. Gainful times are on the cards for you. As the month comes to an end, you will have fewer hassles in earning more. Freshers, who could not find a suitable job at the beginning, will now get something of their choice.

Libra Horoscope


In the month of May, the ups and downs of fortune could dictate your mood. Monday blues may catch up with you, as the first week begins, with you desperately hoping for some intuition to guide you ahead. However, the days get better, as the month passes. You will become active and busy with routine activities. And, even though you may be longing, no change of job is foreseen. Businessmen travelling to procure new customers may be disappointed. Singles too shall not be successful in matters of heart. Well, have a heart! Those married may continue to be troubled by the callous behavior of their spouse. The second week brings in good news for job seekers and also for the ones already employed. You could be entrusted with more responsibilities. Don’t worry; the stars are there with you, assures Ganesha. Health will be fine. The coming fortnight looks set to be a thriving period too. Businessmen and professionals will have it good. Planetary transits seem supportive for progress; however, does not appear good for harmony in relationships. Try being in a conciliatory mode, instead of being reactive, counsels Ganesha. In the second last week of the month, lady luck could shine on you. However, to avail of good fortune, you need to be in the right spirits, all the time. In fact, to amass the lady luck’s favors, you will need to be patient and uncomplaining. Singles, at this time, may be lured by someone older to enjoy sensual pleasures. Be careful! Those married will be anxious about the unsympathetic behavior of their soul mate. The last week could be marked by disturbances and differences. There could be a strife in the family. Businessmen may not see eye to eye with their partner. Only love birds will have a wonderful time; however, do not press for physical intimacy now.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

In the month of May, Scorpions may have to attend to issues in personal life and in relationships, in general. At the beginning, you need to be diplomatic with your interactions and communications. It do not seem supportive of singles to shape serious long term relationship. Married folks could get annoyed by the constant nagging of their spouse. In turn, they may be tempted to look for options to enjoy pleasures of life, foresees Ganesha. In the second week, you could take initiatives to resolve issues in close relationships. Gains are predicted by Wednesday. There are chances of job holders getting distracted here. Singles can now think of forging an intimate relationship, while married folks may continue to be harried. Some significant contact could be established by mid-month. This could work well in enhancing your financial prospects. You may have to incur expenses due to an urgent need of the family. For singles, it appears to be a good time to savor pleasures of life, predicts Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals could get busy negotiating a major deal with a foreign company. Job holders may find the going tough. Regarding health, you may bring up old health issues. Middle aged and above need to be careful now. Those with blood pressure complications are recommended to have regular checkups. In the fourth week, you could face some confrontations. You could have a tiff with a family member. However, by Tuesday, you may be in a mood to relent and work on reconciliation. Refrain from being temperamental, advises Ganesha. Your success level improves, so does life for married folks. By the month end, planetary transits bring to the fore some old grief. This could get disturbing and impact overall efficiency. Ganesha advises not to carry emotional burden to work. Businessmen could have encouraging gains from earlier efforts that strengthens your financial position.

Sagittarious Horoscope


In the month of May, both your work, especially if you are a business-person, and marriage call for attention. Sagittarius, who usually feel that they are being pulled in different directions, will get respite in meditation and spiritual practices, suggests Ganesha. At times, you may be unsure about your priorities and hesitant about the right path. Happily from around 6th, the stars will begin to favor you. You will become active, working relentlessly – if you decide to do so, that is. Job holders will be comfortable in their position. Your bank balance will be secure and cheerful. In the second week, however, you may face some problems with your in-laws, if you are married. But, don’t worry! You will be able to raise your level of acceptance and patience. In general, you will be feeling more positive. Health remains fine. The coming fortnight, however, looks grim, at least in comparison. Businessmen could be bombarded with complaints from customers, and may even miss out on some good earning opportunity, says Ganesha. Those in jobs may also face odds at work. Married folks could be stressed by the unending demands of their better halves. Single ones, though, shall enjoy in the company of like-minded people. Money-wise, most of you shall be comfortable, and that’s a great relief. However, you run a risk of getting injured. Watch every step you take, cautions Ganesha. Businessmen will be able to put into action long-drawn plan for growth. Job holders will face fewer hassles. As the month draws to a close, some discord may arise in your marriage. Guard against your own temperamental tendencies here. Plan an outing over the weekend with your spouse. With regards to health, diabetics or ones suffering from chronic/ lifestyle ailments will need to be careful and go for periodic check-ups.

Capricone Horoscope


The feelings of love and passion fill you, as the month begins. Singles may see the beginning or development of a special relationship, while the ones already in a relationship may look to tie the nuptial knot. Professionals also look set to enjoy a gainful time. However, all this while, you will need to be careful with your money management. Plan your finances with long term in view and keep enough provision for emergencies, advises Ganesha. In the 2nd week, expect the positive swing to continue. Expenses will be under control, and you may feel confident now. This may be a good time to indulge in stock market trading, if you are into it, that is. However, remain aware of prevailing trends and follow them minutely, before taking decisions. Regarding health, those with respiratory complications or any such issues will need to be cautious. The third week starts off on an encouraging note for businessmen and professionals. But, things may not be rosy in the matters of love. There may be a confrontation in store for the married folks. Avoid stretching it too far! As for monetary matters, avoid lending money to anyone in your close circle – you may not get it back! Job holders will be focused on their work and content with the support received by their superiors. On 22nd, you will be your expressive best – use this time to schedule important meeting, even the personal ones. Work too shall get smoother, especially till 28th. Keep your cool, though, you may be edgy and moody. Month-end, It is when you health may suffer! Be very careful.

Aquarius - Horoscope


As the month begins, you may be left feeling down and out. There may be little inspiration to work, as you may feel that you are overburdened. Well, take a break then! Fortunately, this dispirited phase will end soon. From around 5th, you will start feeling active, and will be raring to go. Businessmen and professionals will need to plan their moves after considerable deliberation. Singles to build long term relationship here. In the second week, those in regular employment will be resentful for not getting the appropriate designation at work. You may want to quit. However, time does not seem right to change. According to Ganesha, you need to bear with the situation and continue working with motivation for the moment. Good news is that you manage your finances properly. Businessmen need to check opportunities coming their way before making commitments. By mid-month, there could be some loss of money. In view of this, handle all cash transactions carefully. Businessmen may have to write off some dues. This may be a theme for your Sign for the year, outlines Ganesha. In the personal realm, love birds will be keen now to take the relationship towards marriage. Those married may not be happy during this phase due to the cold response of your spouse. In the fourth week, routine work free of hassles and unnecessary disturbances will begin. Singles could be lured by someone elder to enjoy sensual pleasure. By the month end, you could be preoccupied with family matters. You may plan a mini vacation to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Later of the month, warning signals to businessmen and professionals to be careful here. Health too may suffer. Be wary of an infection catching up on you!

Pisces Horoscope


In the month of May, you could be seeking health, happiness and house – probably. Natives of your Sign are nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate. These traits of yours may come to the fore at the beginning of the week; you may need to work harder though. Singles will meet someone of the opposite sex. This friendship will continue for a while. However, there will be no commitment, only intellectual and sensual gratification, says Ganesha. Those married will be unhappy with their spouse and married life. In coming week, you could be confused. The one gleam of hope is that according to Ganesha, if you take advantage of its benevolence, you will stand to gain. Married life continues to be unhappy here too. In the second fortnight, you could get hurt by the inconsiderate behavior of someone close to you. You will soon realize that recovering from a heart-breaking encounter is quite like crossing the monkey bars: you have to let go at some point in order to move forward. Thursday will bring a new dawn. Here you need to sharpen your money management acumen. Businessmen and professionals need to be attentive about delivery time and payment terms, warns Ganesha. In the fourth week, one, you will save money satisfactorily. Two, your efforts will be rewarded. Around Tuesday, Go ahead – pick up the property of your choice, urges Ganesha. There could be fewer hassles in routine tasks now. Those in jobs may need to multitask to meet deadlines. At the month end, some motions could affect health. Remain alert.

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