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Meena Manek – Maa Annapurna Of 350 Orphans Who Feeds Them Food Since 15 Years!

Amidst all the uproar of humanity being depleting day by day, there’s a thin line of sun ray that emerges for the goodness of the humankind. The city of Mumbai, though know as the New York of India, enfolds all kind of people in her embrace – Rich, poor, underworld and a special section of people who thrive to balance the vanishing humanity are Samaritans. One among those kind and generous people is Meena Manek.

This lady Mumbaikar never allowed her good social deeds to speak louder since 15 years. Before 15 years, she had reached out an orphanage to feed 350 children, the food she prepared, the love she felt and never stopped ever since. Only few knew about her golden heart, until Humans of Bombay shared her story on social media and since then she is one of those inspirations for many in India.

Here’s what Meena Manek has to say:

“About 15 years ago, I visited an orphanage where my brother-in-law was distributing bread-butter to the children who were so grateful to try something different. I’ve always been a housewife who loves feeding my children everything they wish to eat and it pained me to know that these children weren’t getting to experience the excitement of eating their favorite dish.”

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“Since then, every weekend I feed about 350 children from orphanages and the Blind School, whatever they wish to eat. I wake up at 4 am every Saturday and cook for them, as I would for my own children and this is the highlight of my life…I live for it. Just last weekend I made 50 kgs worth of mango ras for them and my God, you should have seen their faces! They were thrilled… and I can’t put into words how that made me feel– I was just so happy.”

It’s apparent that, she did not continue this generous deed for 15 years to attract any media attention or to get appraisal from all around, but it is sheerly inspired from the innocent smiles. Recently, Pune based Vishwamata Foundation awarded Meena Manek and her husband an “Adarsh Mata Pita” award for their combined social work for the welfare of the children. Just to make sure the children who have no parents, get’s to see one of the nature that mothers have – To prepare and feed the favourite dish for her child, she continued to bring happiness to the innocent lives of 350 children.

Meena Manek has set an exclusive example of sheer selfless goals. There are only few people in the world who work for others happiness, which in return gives them no money and no fame but just satisfaction of being a human.

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