Menstruation Ride Of A Woman!

Menstruation symptoms are very obvious, but still many women hesitate to share with other individuals. The menstruation saga has many facets to disclose, right from the signs, to the color of the flow and mental state as expression of periods. This would be described as we move further.

  1. Thickness, Color & Clots

When it comes to the color, clot and thickness of the menstrual period, it varies. It also depends upon the hemoglobin level of the person.

   (A) The color of the blood might change from lighter shade to darker. But it’s all normal as there might be hormonal changes and imbalances taking place in the body.

   (B) On the other hand when you observe that the color of the blood is changing from brown to black, it is all normal as the color of the blood changes due to its stagnancy and not being thrown out quickly from the body.

   (C) The thickness of the period depends on the flow. The thickness is said to be most on the second and third day of the period. If the person is suffering from anemia and other illness the flow might be less.

  1. Typical Signatures Of periods

   (A) When you are in periods there is a constant feel of tender pain in the lower part of the body. It starts off from your legs, thigh and near love handles. On the other hand you feel that your breasts are becoming heavy. This is all due to excess secretion of the blood and hormonal changes. Bloating near the abdominal area is also very common and normal.

   (B) Craving for food or loss of appetite either of the signs are prominently observed among the women. And it all depends upon the hormonal imbalance in the body.

   (C) There might be a case wherein you feel like you are having diarrhea. But visiting the washroom during periods is normal during periods.

   (D) The temperature of the body is slight high than the normal body temperature. These signature symptoms of periods are very natural to every woman.

  1. Indications Of Periods

   (A) Nausea is an indication that your periods are near.

   (B) On the other hand facial breakouts also indicate that your period is near.

   (D) Headache and body pain are very common indications of the arrival of periods.

   (E) Uneasiness and vaginal discharge are prominent to assure your dates are close.

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  1. Things to Keep in Mind During Periods

(A) Drink lots of liquids like juices, milk shakes and soups. This will make you feel full and healthy as well. Make sure that you consume those liquids as the energy levels and nutrition levels have to be maintained.

(B)Make sure that you change the pads after every 5 hours. Do not keep the ‘same pad’ whole day. Not changing the pads leads you to suffer from vaginal infections.

(C) Make sure that you wash and dry your “V” Every Time you go to the loo.

(D) Make sure that you do not “Stink”. As when you are in periods your body smells unusual and awful. Always keep a deodorant or body mist along with you.

(E) Maintain a calm temper as the mood swings and irritation is something that every woman suffers. Avoid spicy and oily food as you are prone towards skin break outs.

(F) Making Love / Sex is not at all safe during periods & is very unhygienic. The chances of spreading HIV in men and women are high during this period. The reason is Menstrual Fluid consist of blood, vaginal secretion and cervical mucus, which causes infections. Hold on to your emotions, while you are in periods.

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