Menstruation – The Unspeakable Truth

We live in a Modern world, a World where we speak about Womenism and Women rights! But, somewhere in each Indian house, girls are still forbidden to talk about Menstruation openly, eat along with the family and barred from coming into temples. So, is Menstruation a Forbidden Topic? OR a not so important part of life? OR is it something to be shied away about?

Menstrupedia, as they have termed it, opens up the truth about Menstruation and speaks about the unknown facts that can help women enjoy healthier, safer and pain-free menstruation. Introduced in a comic form by couple Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul, both graduates from National Institute of Design, they gave up their high pay jobs in the e-industry, only to educate India and Indian women about Menstrual Health. Today, the couple has successfully educated almost 14 lakh women from various corners of the world and aims to reach out to more people across the globe.

In this exclusive interview, yet another episode from ‘Chai With Lakshmi’, see the couple discuss about their journey and what initiated them to make Menstrupedia.

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