Menstrupedia Comic: A Review

The essence:

The change makers Tuhin Paul, Aditi Gupta and Rajat Mittal create a well illustrated comic to shatter all the taboos pertaining to menstruation and bring about change in the society through ‘menstrual activism’. Menstrupedia is a Guide as well as a tool which explains the process of menstruation in a scientific manner.

What is to be noted?

The chapters in the comic are so well and aptly divided. I must say that the sequence of information regarding this monthly process is very well articulated. Kids during that age have lots of questions in their mind and majority of those questions are answered very well here. The illustrations are really amazing. The best part about the illustrations is, they are very clear and represent everything in a decent manner. There is nothing obscene in it.

For whom?

We strongly and whole heartedly recommend this piece of work to the girls who are above 9 years old and even to the boys of the age 12 and above. Even to the potential pre-teen parents should give it a read.


Wish the book was a bit more affordable. Not many would like to invest such huge amount since it’s readable only once. Once you get the concept, you won’t read it again. I also wish the comic to get translated to various other languages and distributed to the rural parts of the country where girls actually need it.

A must read!

I bet that your pre-teens and teens would realize that menstruation is just another natural and biological process which is not something to be ashamed of. The practical and crystal clear approach towards this process is commendable.

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