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Miss Israel 2013 Joins Military To Combat Terrorists

With the heat between the Israelis and Palestinians at its peak, a very brave decision was taken by Israel’s most beautiful woman. According to a report, Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013 has joined the Military forces to fight against the Islamic Jihad, Hamas and several other military forces who have constantly been threatening the land with their massive rockets and the secret underground tunnels. She is the first ever black Ethiopian-Israeli to have won this title.

This decision taken by Aynaw doesn’t come as a surprise, as she is also named as the 39th most influential Jew in the Jerusalem Post 2013 and was previously an Israel military officer. Brought up in an orphanage from an age of 8, Aynaw is now serving her country with all her might against terrorism and save her country against the gruesome activities of the terrorists who recently kidnapped and later brutally murdered 3 Israeli teenagers.

The step taken by Aynaw is her way of helping the society to become a better place. She is one of the ten thousand citizen soldiers of Israel who have opted to fight for their freedom, human rights and life in this middle-east country.

In a country like Israel where women live in extreme restrictions, Aynaw is changing the thoughts of people with her acts of bravery and skills. With this, she is now being compared to US president Barack Obama who fought for the rights of people in non-African majorities.

Women Planet salutes the beautiful Aynaw for her brave act, and urges all women to help the society in whatever form possible for the betterment of the world. It is only in the hands of Women, a Mother, a Teacher and Fighter to change the society for a better tomorrow.

Image source: Dailymail.co.uk

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