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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Heels

Women just love heels! Those perfect 3” and 6” heels worn along with your stylish party dress gives you the perfect oomph look, doesn’t it? But, if chosen wrongly, those heels can actually give your heels and back a lifelong pain. So, before you buy yourself a new pair of heels, make sure you avoid the basic mistakes.

From buying unfit shoes to wearing heels for a long time, you need to be careful about a few Heel Basics! Avoid these mistakes to enjoy your favorite heels for a long time.

Know the Shoe Facts First

If you have been sporting the same shoes for a long time, STOP! It is time to be aware of some facts. For instance, the size and shape of a woman’s feet keep altering due to points like:

  • Child-bearing
  • Age
  • Increased bulk
  • Becoming thin.

Once you know these facts, it gets easier for you to choose the right footwear for you and also avoid the mistakes. The 3 mistakes most women make while buying heels are:

1. Misfit Sandals

Aim to purchase sandals that are perfectly fitting. Ladies try to save money through sales. In most cases, they compromise and try convincing themselves about the comfort of the shoes.

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2. Buying raised sandals or footwear for regular all day purposes

Feet tend to swell during the day or due to wearing them for long. Wearing heels throughout the day at work can be painful. So, buy something comfortable for your work, while shopping your favorite heels for late evening parties only.

3. Wearing high heels for long

Wearing high heels throughout the day or for long can cause a discomfort to the feet and also your back. So, wear them for a short while and remove the sandals whenever you can.

Buy heels but wear them only on special occasions and for shorter times. Enjoy your ramp walk and look with the perfect pair of heels!

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