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The Modern World Of A Desi Bride! What’s Your Destination Wedding?

Various Destination Weddings & Popular Wedding destinations in India

Weddings in India have always been a grand galore. Huge wedding party plots, over-the-top decorations, scrumptious food & innumerous guests complete the list. However with influence of Western world, Indian Weddings are taking a huge turn-around in terms of Celebrations. People are now ready to try out west-inspired unconventional theme weddings & destination weddings.

With the onset of Destination weddings in India, we now see Couples saying “I Do” or rather taking pheras at beach destinations, Huge Palaces, Cruises & historical monuments. And this gets easier with the help of event management & wedding travellers companies offering us with a complete package, an all-in-one destination Wedding planning and Management at the go. In case you too are planning for your destination wedding, here we have a list of Wedding destinations that our to-be Bride & Groom can explore!

Beach Weddings

Beach wedding


The most sought-after destination these days for a rather hatke wedding is the Beach Destination Weddings. Goa being the Bali of India, bride & grooms have started taking their venue to the serene beaches of Goa along with the pundit and few friends and family members. A beach wedding is really refreshing and the most romantic destination so far. Imagine holding hands with your partner for life on shining white sands while cool breeze blows your hair and crystal clear waves splash in the background!! Damn Romantic Right?? For all you die-hard romantic’s out there, Beach wedding is your destination to be! Fortunately enough, with its vast coast line India offers many beaches for your fun destination wedding like Goa, Konkan beaches, Kerela, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Palace Weddings

Palace wedding


Symbolical of Grandeur, Pomp, Royalty & Luxury, Palace Weddings have been popular with the luxury class elite in India. However, with the advent of Destination weddings even smaller palaces have opened up their doors for a luxurious royal dream Wedding. Bride & Groom are treated as Royal’s on this single most day of their life, their wedding day and Palace weddings is the nearest most that one could get to get the feel of royalty. Thus Palace Weddings have been really famous with people who want to be treated as prince and princesses.

If you are imagining yourself in a palki driven by four sevaks, while your prince-charming awaits you midst of a Royal palace on-looking a majestic lake while the guests are seated in the luminous lawn for-looking the chaurahah’s of Indian Maharajas, Palace Wedding is just your forte.

Cruise Wedding

cruise wedding on the deck


An upcoming fad these days is the cruise weddings. More and more people are going for the on-cruise weddings, which serves their purpose of adventurous weddings with Pomp. It’s an adrenaline rushing passion to take your vows in the middle of the sea on a moving Cruise ship, not bounded by borders or countries. Of-course, great decor, ambience & dance affair come along with the Cruise Weddings. Reminiscing Titanic, Couples take to the ship deck, their whirlwind affair turning into a life-long commitment amidst Champagne popping, Theme dancing, Candle-light dining, Ecstatic Music & glittering lights in the middle of nowhere turning the whole cruise into one grand Wedding Venue.

Talking of Cruises, now-a-days people are also opting for a simpler and sweeter version of the cruise weddings and these are boat weddings on the back-waters of Kerala. An ethnic wedding with all things organic, How beautiful does that sound!

So, is the Alice in Wonderland inside taking you over? Well, then It’s time to go for a Cruise Wedding and live your dream of A Princess in a fairy land!

Wedding at Historical Monument

historic monument wedding


Are you a history Buff? Do you love visiting various historical places? How about getting married at one? Wedding at Taj Mahal and Kutub Minar have become a huge hit amongst those who wants their Wedding albums glittering with art, culture & History of India. Taj Mahal is the most sought after Historical Monument for getting married, for the sheer relevance of it to an eternal love story & Epic Beauty.

Recently Bollywood witnessed one of its grandest weddings, Salman’s sister Arpita Khan’s wedding at Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. So, if you see yourself dancing in the “raniyo ka mahal” in your mind when the guide takes you to a tour of an ancient mahal, then getting married at a Historical Place is totally for you!

Here is our quick round of various destination wedding ideas, there are lot many like under-water wedding, Mountain-top wedding, Temple Wedding and many more. Take cue’s from these ideas and explore your Wedding Destination today!!

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